There is no single Tai Chi School or Teacher that has the only absolute “right” way of teaching Tai Chi Chuan.

Like every School, Teacher and Student we are different.

We all have preferences as far as communication styles, needs, wants and interests.

That’s our Super Power, each and every one of us is Unique.

Nobody hears the same lesson the same way and sometimes what I have had repeated back to me from my students just reinforces my need to grow in strength as a communicator and linguist within the language I teach in and within the art I am still learning to be an Excellent Student of.

When you are looking for your “match” as a teacher, this too can change over time.

As you grow to learn yourself better, you also seek a language and energy more congruent with your current stage in life. This is growth.

Any school or teacher that does not encourage you to explore your growth through experiencing other schools and instructors is one thing I do find serious fault with and I doubt any solid school would ever discourage growth.

Even as my father’s daughter, I felt a loyalty to never train away from my father’s tutelage, to me it felt like a kind of betrayal.

Dad just laughed and said, “Everybody knows you are always gonna be my daughter and nobody can ever stop me from being your father, but if you don’t learn from other people another styles, how do you that what I am teaching you is right? Just because I am your father? How are you going to teach in the future if you don’t learn things on your own and figure out how to see them your own way? Just saying your father taught you doesn’t make you believable and you won’t sound like you know what you are talking about. You have to go get beat up and learn from people who don’t want to protect you. You have to learn where life is real.”

Dad always really real… I didn’t love the part where he said I had to go get “beat up”, but there was a rawness that was just so genuine and sweet. I remember feeling safe knowing that Dad was only giving me this advice cause he knew I could survive the beating and that the beatings wouldn’t kill me.

You know what? He was absolutely right!

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