So the crazy women and my fun ways of dealing with them through developing my Stealthy Tai Chi Skillz, lol.

So, I was gonna talk about the guys now and please take note of the fact that I have very deliberately NOT used the word MEN here.  Same reason I said women and avoided the word LADIES.  I am specifically referencing a specific kind of persons.

I think I may talk about something a girlfriend of mine has mentioned at brunch on a few occasions… Those days I used to show up in dress up to there with heels that were also just as much up to there as you could ever imagine.

I do have to say, growing up Tai Chi in NYC as the daughter of Grandmaster Chen, was just as extreme as my life as a competitive athlete, but NYC had this nightlife and I most definitely was a fixture in it and I loved every single second of it, although, when I do think back on it, while I still feel that invigorating zest run through me, it is immediately followed by this feeling of exhaustion, because I have absolutely no idea how on earth I did what I did, the way that I did, with the excitement that I did.

I would take 15 rounds straight any day over trying to pull of what I often did in one night, in outfits I am just so relieved to not have had recorded by smartphones or social media.

If the memories make me blush as I involuntarily roll my eyes as physical reaction to my insanity, I DO NOT have any desire to ever see any taped or photographed documentation of that madness.

As hard as I trained, I partied.

I guess it was Yin/Yang.

The only people I knew in life were at the school and in martial arts and I was at an age where sexual self discovery was only natural at my age and to get involved with anyone in martial arts was just too weird for me.

It all felt like family and then this was also the age where my “family” started to act like creeps.  It was very uncomfortable and sad going through this stage.

My mother tried to handle it as best she could and I remember her telling me that I shouldn’t hug the guys who used to pick me up and swing me around.  I didn’t understand why she said this, but I felt like it was cause I did something bad and this was my punishment. Mom, never explained it, she just said that she didn’t want me hugging anyone anymore and that was it.

I never have dated anyone in Martial Arts and the experiences growing up are the reasons why I never would.

I had spent some casual time with a guy here and there, nothing serious and one of them was crass even enough to say “I got the Grandmaster’s Daughter”, it was so disgusting on so many levels.

So, to balance the creeps and weirdos, I went out and was just anonymous in the most incredible way a girl could feel and I LOVED every single second of it.

I have absolutely no idea how I balanced my extremes, but I guess that was the Tai Chi in me.

One of my best and most favorite partners in crime is the photographer Peter Beard.

Peter was just the best.

People had this idea of him because of Warhol and the Studio 54 days, but Peter was just fun and hard as it may seem to believe, responsible-ish and protective.

He would tell stories of Hog Ranch and talk about his wife and daughter.

He was a best friend, my ally and the kind crazy I like to have with fun.

You know, he actually would talk to my mother on the phone, on nights where I was “sneaking” out and assure her that he would take the best of care of me and the evening.

Ciprianis Downtown was our nesting spot, where we often sat next to one of Peter’s collages.

I had no idea of how many people knew who Peter was when I met him.

I didn’t know who he was.

What I do know is that my every part of those years with my “Inestimable Partner in Crime” were years I would never trade for anything else.

He was the best kind of crazy friend I could have every hoped to have ever meet.

It was because of him I got to spend time with Josie Maran and years later her product line at Sephora would inspire me to incorporate Argan Oil into my Beauty Regime and Skinhealth line eventually.



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