The first thing I tell students when I work with them is that they already have the knowledge to do everything Tai Chi Chuan is about.

Tai Chi isn’t mysterious.

Tai Chi is just a key to unlocking all the mysteries that are inside of you.

I don’t mean this in a terribly profound way, in fact, if you were here right now you would probably blush wondering what I actually mean by my actual delivery of that message.  Sounds deep, but it’s just logical.

Logic is The Tai Chi Methods approach to your individual health and fitness needs, period.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just simple logic.

Your Root is where everything begins.

Establishing your Root is the only way to initiate the physical release necessary for Internal Energy Flow.

Internal Energy Flow is nourishment necessary for your Internal Body System.

Your Internal Body System functions through what we call “Feeling”.

Without understanding how to Root, you can’t release.

Without release, you have no Energy Flow.

Without Energy Flow, you have no “Feeling”

“Feeling” is the only honest language that is felt on a physical level, without the obstruction of words, without the disruption of thoughts, just “Feeling”, the “Knowing Sense”

Now that we covered the need for Root, let me tell you how you can self correct to properly understand the feeling of being rooted.

We all know how to jump, right?

Jumping is just explosive energy flow.

The physical body knows how to jump, the same way it understands Tai Chi, it’s just your pesky Modern Minds that get in the way of understanding how to “feel” with the body, instead of searching for “feeling” with the mind.

When you jump, you don’t even have to think about how to do it, it’s just action that is automatic, because it is natural and free of the mind and created by energy.

All forms of fitness, sports and martial arts all originate from being rooted.

When your mind distracts your body from feeling its root, try this…

Get up and jump and land gently.

Now, that feeling you had when your weight shifted into the front part of your foot, the big toe and the ball, just before you launched into your jump, that Pre-action, that is the feeling that occurs right after you establish your root, which allows you to have the stability to rock forward into your trigger points for your jump.

So, rewind, or just start from the top to find that moment, this is how you can self correct all on your own to find your rooted foundation.

From this starting point you can either do your dumbbell curls, press up from a squat, or begin your Tai Chi form.

Rooting is a Universal Language that Speaks to all Forms of Fitness.

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