Solution 1: Raw Honey, thats all!  Applied to scalp. 15-20 minutes. Rinse.

Solution 2: For this you need my Everything Tea…  Empty 1/4 a container and mix into a paste with warm water and then add 1/4 cup of Raw Honey.  Blend mixture.  Apply to scalp. 15-20 minutes. Rinse.

Raw Honey is a natural sanitizing cleanser, moisturizer.  It’s rich in mineral magic that only bees can create.  These minerals aid our body’s health, resulting in flawless skin and luxurious hair.

Raw Honey has a magic that balances all Skin Conditions with the Side Effects of Skincare that just cover up symptoms, using harmful chemicals that exacerbate health problems.

Raw Honey, balances your body’s nutritional health needs to fix the Skin Condition.  It works beneath the surface, satisfying your body’s health needs.

Keep in mind, one treatment may not be enough for whatever your skin’s symptoms are showing.

The longer your body took to show the health symptom as a skin condition, the same amount of time it will take to correct, but sometimes the results are so incredible you think you’re fine.

You can’t go wrong with Skinfoods.

It’s nourishment for your body and the body always needs nourishment.

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