One thing I learned, without realizing I was actively learning this was just to be me.

I watched my parents be themselves and I watched how them being themselves built this incredible world that was ours.  It belonged to us because it is a life built on who we are and the most incredible thing about our world is, because it is ours, created by ourselves, we each had no choice but to become our own unique selves.

Did you know that this is your Super Power? YOU

We are all born with this Power and its that nobody can be “me” and nobody can be “you”.

When you are stuck in a bit of a rut, wondering, “What am I gonna do with my life?”, never forget that there is absolutely nobody like you and you being you is what life intended for you to do.

In your life you aren’t intended to be anything but YOU, if you think about it, this is your life problem solved, if you even felt as though you had any life problems, ruts, questions or issues you felt needed sorting.

The problem is that everyone is so concerned with how much they are like someone else, they loose sense of their truest, best most valuable quality and it is that each and every single one of us is unique and it’s our own job to just be true to ourselves.

Start being true to yourself and just be YOU.

Self discovery never goes out of style.

It never gets boring.

It’s always so energizing and invigorating.

And the minute you begin your path, everything else falls into places just meant for you, because it had to take you being you for your YOU things to start happening.

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