Funny sounding word isn’t it?

Like some creature from the depths of the ocean…

Squalene is a substance our bodies make and then become depleted in after 30.  It necessary for synthesizing hormones, cholesterol and Vitamin D. It is a rich antioxidant which is necessary for battling aging.

It smoothes skin and helps faded lines and wrinkles.

There are natural ways to give this back to your body and I do this by infusing all my Serums which are Anti Aging, naturally, because that is what foods do, with it.

The squalene I use is from Olives for my Serums.

My Unwrinkle Treatment contains Squalene from the Amaranth Grain.

Amaranth is higher in squalene than olives, but having both options gives our bodies different kinds of squalene to nourish ourselves with and when it comes to nutrition, it really is about variety.

You can also find squalene in shark livers, but, being Asian, I have a guilt for the finned creatures who aren’t treated that kindly by my culture.

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