You cannot drink collagen and you cannot apply collagen to your skin, the molecular structure is to big and it’s illogical, only your body know the type of collagen the skin on your face needs.

Collagen is the glue that holds us all together.

The building blocks for healthy collagen production and healthy collagen maintenance come from the foods we eat and the Skinfoods we apply to our skin.

Your body creates 16 different types of Collagen.

Skincare products, like pressed foods, especially refined sugar destroy you body’s Collagen Quality.

MSM, a sulfur which originates in the oceans by phytoplankton get carried into the atmosphere via condensation and when it hits Ozone, becomes MSM and returns to us in rainwater.

This is one Skinfood ingredient I use in all my Sprays and is the reason why I constantly get asked about my skin’s glow.  I carry my sprays everywhere to constantly, nourish and heal my body, because environmental pollution is also constantly destroying our skin’s collagen quality too.

Anyone that markets you a product telling you that you are drinking your collagen or that you can apply your collagen to your skin doesn’t know what they are talking about, are you sure you wanna trust these people with your body’s health?

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