What do you think about when you read this word?

Marketing has trained us all to believe that we need to be skinny to be healthy and that being skinny requires severe deprivation of fat and calories, causing a market for chemically created foods that meet the requirements of severe fat and calorie deprivation.

Organic Foods, real foods are fat, calories, vitamins and minerals.  This is balanced nutrition created by nature for the purpose of nourishing our bodies.

Our bodies are created Organic too by nature.

Our Organic Bodies require Organic Food Nutrition.

Our Organic Body Systems only recognize Organic Foods.

Back to dieting, we need to change our understanding of this word.

Dieting should be about the constant Organic Food Nutrition we give to our bodies.

Get away from thinking about deprivation.

Get away from thinking about crazy meals plans.

What you need to start is the ELIMINATION of ALL PROCESSED FOODS.

This does take a bit of effort, but it’s more about breaking addictions and creating an Organic Lifestyle.

The elimination of Chemicals cleans out your Organic Body System.

Cleaning out your Organic Body System of these Chemicals is the first step to recharging your whole health system.

This restores your internal networks of feeling.

Feeling hunger isn’t something should be fought.

You need to listen to what your body is asking for and answer it’s health needs with nutrition.

Nutrition only comes from Organic Food Sources.

Did you know that your body creates fat as a reaction to chemicals from processed foods because it is trying to protect your internal organs from being poisoned by these chemicals?

Healthy Fats are packed with dense nutrition that aid metabolic health.

Calories and Carbs are necessary fuel for your body to breakdown and process nutrients.

It isn’t about eating less and starvation that is about living healthy and thin.

The body doesn’t like to be overweight and we all have a unique set-point, which is our own individual body’s desired weight.

Our body keeps this natural weight as long as we maintain healthy, balanced, processed free, chemical free diets.

Starvation hurts our bodies.

Hunger is the mechanism for weight-loss that we need to nourish properly for us to each live balanced at our healthy Set-Points.

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