Living the life of an athlete. Growing up as the child of one of the greatest living athletes. Teaching in a family business.  Successfully following in my father’s footsteps.

All of this and perhaps my crazy nightlife days of teeny, tiny outfits too, always made me extremely conscious of what I was eating, because I wanted to be Fit.

I’ve always been different and Fit was always my goal.

My mother was always very aware of the fact the she was raising an athlete, so she always wanted to take care of my health.

I’ve worked with nutritionist after nutritionist.

Over the years I have accumulated a ton of knowledge.

Some of the things I learned from “Expert Professionals” worked, but I also found that many of the places I had been patronizing made me weary of the fact that I had to constantly take supplements, that of course, only they made.

In my younger days, something about this process made me feel like a more serious athlete and I always did feel an initial surge of goodness on the first few tries, but then it would reach a point where I couldn’t even remember what to take or if I took my supplements at the right time, one thing I would always know to take, because my body would ask for it was Water and Food.

Then I would ask dad about what his regiment was when he was fighting and he said…

“It’s the same stuff I eat now.  I eat depending on how I feel.  When I’m thirsty, I drink.  When I’m tired I rest.  It’s common sense, I listen to my body.  Unless you’re sick, there’s no reason to be so drastic and I’m not sick.”

I never forgot this and it would be how I structure my lifestyle in so many ways now.

I have tried all the supplements, gone to all the different nutritionist, tried all the crazy fad diets and wasted even more money on vitamins.

None of this stuff works and it’s a crazy thing to think that anyone can know your body’s health needs better than you.

The only reason why many of us in American culture think we don’t know anything about our own diet and health is because we aren’t eating actual foods.

We are a culture raised on food-like products that think it’s ok to taint our real food, so that we have to spend extra on Organic Produce.

Let me make it very simple for you, this is what has always worked for me…


This is the only way to actually nourish.

This is the only way to Detox.

This is the only way to really heal.

This is the only way to take care of your body.

One big change I made the last few years, I cut out refined sugar.

My body trimmed down incredibly and I’m stronger than I ever was during my competitive fighting days.

Not to say I don’t have a bite of cookies, cake and ice cream every now and then, but my body chemistry has changed so much that after a bite or two I don’t want anymore and if I don’t stop I actually get a migraine in reaction to the refined sugar.

Food-like products are made with chemicals, our bodies only recognize Organic Foods.

Putting chemicals in our bodies causes health problems, weight gain, hormonal disruptions and skin conditions.

Your body produces fat to protect your internal system from toxins.

Toxins from Processed Foods are what fuels the Medical Industry and keeps Diet Programs up and running.

I don’t count calories, I don’t count fat.  I avoid CHEMICALS.


This is just another marketing scheme by the food and diet industry, yes, there are people with actual illnesses that should avoid not only Gluten, but the family of plant proteins Gluten are related to.  This family of Plant Proteins are called Lectins.

Gluten somehow got singled out and everyone now is Gluten Intolerant, but if you ask them why, or ask them what Gluten is they can’t explain a single thing, cause they have been brainwashed by marketing.  They even look at you with a blank zombie stare after they have said what they have been programmed to say by marketing created for the food industry…

After all, if people are to believe they are sick and can make themselves voluntary patients, they are no longer customers, they have created a self created dependency for the illness they believe they have and are now self diagnosed patients who need their Gluten-Free Prescriptions.

Did you know that bread, made the old fashion way with yeast is actually Gluten Free? The yeast digests the plant proteins, the Lectins, including Gluten.

Did you know that Gluten Free baked goods skip the yeast and use an ingredient called Glutaminase that actually increases your body’s sensitivity to Gluten?

Did the Gluten Free industry explain any of this to you?

Did you question the chemistry of your foods and your body to understand Gluten Intolerance better?

I have a secret for you… We are all Gluten Sensitive, because we are Lectin Sensitive, because Plants create Lectins to Protect themselves from predators.

Plants have been around from way before any of us, it’s silly to think that they haven’t develop self defense mechanisms for survival.

It’s also ignorant to think that just because Plants don’t bleed the same way we do, that they have no feelings, thins kind of thinking it very linear and works from the basis that the world only revolves around you, very, very American.

Plants can sense when they are being eaten and they release Lectins.

Lectins paralize and kill bugs.

Ive watched ants chewing away at leaves and would see some of them just fall off, like they were drunk and I always assumed that was their version of a food coma.  Nope, that was the Plant protecting itself and those ants were either paralyzed or now dead.

I realized I am sensitive to Lectins, but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat them, it means that I am cautious of how much raw vegetable I consume and that I cook most my veggies now.

This also means a RAW Diet would kill me, so everyone who is preaching that everyone go RAW also needs to do a bit more research beyond just saying that all the nutrients are preserved.

Going 100% RAW also overloads the system with Lectins, so going RAW to cure Gluten Sensitivity, you may wanna do your research.

Lectins are powerful.  They can cause hormonal disruptions and internal inflammation.

When I see people on strict plant based diets with insane Skin Conditions, I know the cause, but they don’t want to hear it, so I do my best with my Skinfoods to help, but until they adjust their diet, nothing I can do will really help.

At the end of the day we are all different.

Different is a unique and beautiful quality that is meant for us to learn ourselves better, not be like everyone else.

I eat Fat.  I eat Protein. I eat Bread. I have cut Refined Sugar out, but that doesn’t mean I don’t succumb to the romance of a cookie, cake or have dreamy scoop of ice cream once in a while.

My years of competitive athletics and living under the watchful eye and tutelage of one the most incredible athletes to ever live has taught me to…

Learn, Listen and Observe myself.

This is just my lifestyle.  The Tai Chi Method.





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