Another question that just baffles me when I am asked.

I’m baffled on many levels, but mostly, I’m baffled why this always seems such a curious question to want to ask.

Maybe I am too American, maybe I’m too New York.

Who the hell knows, but what I do know, these are very strange questions that are not based in reality, but I guess we all need a little fantasy sometimes.

Let me address Dad Flying, NO, he does not fly.

He definitely soars and floats, but there’s this thing called gravity and when I say soar and float, I mean he does so, the same way we are all capable of when we are fully invested, involved and in-tune with movement that originates from feeling.

NO, I did not start Tai Chi when I was born.

I used to imitate dad when I was old enough to rock rollers and began walking and talking.

Here’s a fun baby genius fact about me.  I potty trained myself, when I was around 15 months.

I didn’t start Tai Chi until I around 14.  Then I began competing in Push Hands at 16.

I think mom did mention having this romantic idea that I should start learning from the minute I walked, but it was dad that said that would be torture for a small child.

Instead they enrolled me in all sorts of physical activities to help me develop my physical coordination.  Gymnastics being the most important to my dad.

Children are brilliant sponges, but you have to compliment their adaptability for learning with their ever evolving life stages and Tai Chi isn’t one of those learning tools for younger ones.

Tai Chi, being rooted in feeling is an art that requires a certain development and understanding of feeling, before you can get into learning about energy flow.

Kids are crazy with energy, flow develops with time and life experiences.

Start from the basics with children.

Get them involved with sports that engage them on the energy level they are at, this is the only way to intrigue their minds and influence their bodies.

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