If I had a dollar for every single time I heard this question…

It’s always asked with such a sweet wide eyed innocence, I almost feel a bit naughty knowing I can’t fulfill this sweet fantasy with the Himalayan Horizon with Tibetan Lamas I feel people are searching for.

I even know the question before they ask it, its in the eyes, these big eyes that no matter who does the asking always look like a 6 year olds.

Hate to disappoint you all, but no, I don’t think I’ve ever even practiced 5 times in a day, although 5 times would be something I could conceive fitting into a day, but 10 definitely not, actually the thought alone kinda frightens me.

Ready for another disappointing fact, sometimes I don’t practice the form at all.

Although, I do teach weekly and I have a good amount of privates where I have no choice but to do the form, but I do teach it now because I love it.

Here’s something that’s a little interesting, I might not do the form all the time, but I am always practicing The Tai Chi Method, because Tai Chi is so much more than just a series of movements guided by your breath.  Tai Chi is a lifestyle.

The Tai Chi Method is a type of practice that becomes a way of life.

It’s an internal medicine that creates a certain type of constant awareness of “the now” and instills an appreciation for everything you encounter.

How, because it is practice, an art rooted in feeling.

Feeling is fueled by Energy and Tai Chi Chuan is the Practice of Internal Energy Flow.

Energy Flow is endless, seamless and timeless and living in the presence of it always creates a kind of “self correct” that constantly brings you into the energy of the moment.

When you’ve been raised in lifestyle guides by energy flow your life experiences are so daunting and intense, because you feel everything so deeply, not realizing how you’ve been programmed because of this life influenced by constant energy flow.

My younger days were crazed with Energy Floods and I flowed freely from Flood to Flood.

It wasn’t until I finally reached a certain maturity where I enjoyed the subtleties of finding my flow.

It’s in the flow YOU are established.  Nothing Less.  Nothing More.

The Tai Chi Method is my Lifestyle and Tai Chi is how I get share the Method of a Lifestyle that found me, Me.

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