I always feel you learn most about a cultures development and digression through the creation of new vocabulary and the growing use of existing vocabulary which is also an example of the times we are in…

Narcissism, Gas Lighting, Psychopaths and the obscene abbreviation of words that I am even guilty of… Why on earth can’t I type “ok” instead of “k”, what does that abbreviation give to my economy of time?

I feel like this generation’s lack of understanding the need to respect and follow traditional ways has created too many shortcuts in personal development too.

Their is a casual air that is thought of as flare.

Short cuts have created intelligence deficits.

Being sensational, for attention has been adapted to, instead of the ingenuity that hard, honest work automatically earns respect.

Attention, a fools idea of Respect.

Arrogance, an ignorant man’s idea of Confidence.

Both scenarios, both a disappointing reflection of the times we are living in.

What’s the matter with showing respect?

I observe this generation’s attitude about things and its so terribly disappointing.

Somehow, I get it when the millennials are such silly victims of themselves and their distorted idea of what makes them “Cool”, they’re a victim of the times.

The perspective they have, is only the times they have been brought up in.

Somewhere, they lost the connection to family and the dignity and integrity that building a family instills and is rooted from.  They also have a complete disconnect from the generation their parents were raised in, probably because so many homes have two working parents giving to their children in ways that have created the need for those same children to create pedestals for themselves, because children do need attention to grow and develop, but when they resort to finding ways to get attention and observe what gets their own attention, to learn ways of getting more attention, they “act out” more than they “act with character”.

Children are brilliant, that’s it.

They adapt to their environments, but the problem is, is that we have created an American Generation of Children.

I see 30 year old men and older, living at home and pretending that it’s their kingdom.

Photos of themselves plastered everywhere.

Disrespectful to their parents, who allow them to live at home.

High and mighty attitudes with nasty mood swings.

Nosey individuals who invade every single cavity of privacy.

Indecent and excessive acts of entitlement.

Constant chatter and speaking over everyone in high pitch tones, a voice of that inner-child that they still use as a shield against the reality that they are no longer a child and an embarrassment to themselves.

Suffocating Man-Children who are actually suffering inside because they lack the development needed to evolve into adulthood and they do not understand the difference between Attention or Respect.  Since Attention is cheaper, they vie for that.

Is it a fault of the parents or is there just a point where we have to take responsibility for ourselves and figure it out?

Where is there a line, if any does exist at all?

Could this Generation of Millenials just be the new “Crazy” that causes a complete halt in the reproductive process, by creating such repugnant humans that nature rejects nature and wipes out this entire generation of selfie obsessed abbreviators, fueled by narcissism and gas lighting?

Procreation requires two people, Narcism, Gas lighting and the Selfie are just about one person, all the time, always and forever.

The new development of vocabulary and the extensive use of certain vocabulary is disappointingly reinforced by the actions of not just this generation, but by the actions of older generations who should know better, but are trying to be “hip” and act like this current generations’, disappointments.

What is the need for causing attention that makes people feel validated and why aren’t people more selective of whom they are seeking attention from?

I hear at the school more and more… Not often, but more with more frequency, William.

I read the use of it by people posting on my Social Media.

The only reference to my father I will respectfully acknowledge is Master Chen or Mr. Chen.

If you have at all referenced him in any other way to me, YES, my silence is deliberate and until you learn to demonstrate respect, do not ever expect a respectful acknowledgment from me.

But it’s also the way it’s said, even in posts, people I don’t know and maybe met once, feigning this familiarity, for the purpose of feeling more on whatever level they think they should be on.

I do genuinely hear and observe the insecurity in the undertone and it baffles me that they try and feign closeness with a lack of respect.

The closer I am to you, the more I want to always demonstrate respect.

It just feels so good to have people to show love, respect and admiration to.

There’s the hippy generation of “Self Love” and “One Love” that got so distorted by this generation where…

“Self Love” is indeed about ones own self only.

“One Love” is indeed about loving only one person, only.

It’s an ugly distortion of our times where can take such meaningful ways of expressing love and respect and have a generation that twists everything into a manipulation about themselves.

How you speak to others is a direct reflection of how you see yourself.

Just because you practice traditional art forms doesn’t mean you’re in touch with your inner self.

Everything about how you treat others speaks the truth about who you really are inside.

To this day, I could never take a selfie, because the way I was raised taught me to be embarrassed about behaviors like that.

When did it become fashionable to act so unfashionable.

Let’s bring the foundations of Respect, Integrity and Dignity back.

How you treat others, no matter what, is the most direct reflection of you.

Even if you’re only obsessed with you, still, it is about how you treat others that speaks to who you are and about who you are.  So, again, if your obsession is just you, being a better you, to you, begins with how you behave towards others.

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