Let me first clarify, the solving of “MOST” of these problems without Meds or Doctors.

Once I did need surgery for a break to my left hand, 4th metacarpal.  This was because everyone at the martial arts tournament I was in, insisted that I had only jammed my finger.  My body is strange, which is no surprise, because I am strange as they come too.  I don’t swell when I have injuries, I only swell during the Holidays and that just from practicing the art of Competitive Eating.

Another time, I had my face busted open, just below my lower lip, from a round kick that landed bone on bone. Shin to my chin and split me open from the outside in. It required 12 stitches outside and 8 stitches inside.  I did take pain meds for this, but only for a short duration.

Now, I’m not saying that we do not need the doctors and I am not saying that you shouldn’t consult a physician when you are sick and/or injured.

We are in a day and age where fitness has become a breeding ground for injuries and our idea of health is still a bit backwards, where we confuse mentally pushing ourselves with strength, instead of understanding that the greatest power any of us can possess is the ability to listen and understand our own limits.

It’s not about being better, because you are performing better than someone else and it’s not about being better, because you are just like someone else.

There’s nothing better and there is no greater strength than you, knowing you.

Here’s an example…

Training is about enhancing your abilities and your abilities are unique.

All of us are unique.

Some of us need to saturate ourselves with information through research and scholastic studies.

Some of us need to jump in and just try all of everything all the time.

Some of us need to take one road at a time.

Then there is the  need to adapt with baby steps, something we all need for the purpose of learning things more in depth and better, with purpose of now developing skill.

When I have trained and this is from my days as a Figure Skater, up to my days as a Full Contact Fighter, the one Skill that is a must is an awareness of one’s self.

To skate through a whole entire program requires a development of endurance.  You are using a combination of Energy that Flows to create the dynamic and openings for the tricks, like jumps, which require intense Explosive Energy and then Spins which require and Intense Focused Energy that Expands.

To get through a fight, the Explosive Energy is a sensory skill, so your sense of awareness is heightened and acute, while having to transition from stalking, to being offensive and also adjusting to the need for being defensive too.  This requires the Development of Endurance too.

Without the ability to know yourself and sense your own limits, it is impossible to know where you need to develop more skill and/or more endurance.  The one variable that is always a constant is you.

Only knowing YOU, can you build on your strengths.

Your sense of you can also sense the wear and tear on you.

I grew up going to the herbalist, instead of western doctors.

I learned about the different feelings of different pains, not everything requires x-rays and the emergency room.

The most valuable lessons I learned from breaking myself in a plethora of ways, was that, given the right amount of rest and nutrition, the body heals itself.

Minerals are so Important for the body to heal.

Never forget, your body was created Organically by Nature, this is why it needs Organic Nourishment to solve its health problems.

Being tired, means rest, it’s not telling you to grab an espresso.

Throughout all my injuries there are two foods that I swear by.

Cissus Quadrangularis (herb) & MSM (sulfur)

Both of these added to my diet. help my body recover from years of intense training and the results would also show in my Skin’s Health too.

Cissus in particular, was incredible.  I had broken a toe on vacation. I never went to the doctor’s, caus ether isn’t anything you can do for this.  I just dealt with it and for 3 years I couldn’t move it and if I tried, the pain was a quick  reminder.

I read about Cissus and bought a bottle.

After taking it for a few weeks I actually wiggled my toes without thinking and when I cringed, fearing the usual pain that came from the movement and I didn’t feel any pain, I was in complete shock.  It was the Cissus.  I continued taking it for another two weeks and I only take it on occasion when I am a bit more active than usual and the results always feel amazing.

MSM is a sulfur that originates in the oceans, it begins it’s creation as a byproduct of  phytoplankton, which gets carried into the atmosphere via condensation and then becomes MSM when it hits Ozone.  Returning to us through rainwater.

I take this internally and have incorporated it into my Skinfoods line  because of it’s miraculous effect on the Skin when used topically too!!!

MSM aids the body’s natural detoxification process and stimulates collagen production and enhances the health of your existing collagen too!!!

Your body creates 16 different types of Collagen, you need to provide the nutrition.



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