Tai Chi isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it’s ability to connect you with you, is necessary for your health.

There are so many arts forms that trigger us in so many ways and on so many levels, it’s important to stimulate all these senses from within.

Inside Work is the most important work, it connects you to your physical being and your ability to heal yourself, because you know yourself.

Modern Society, overly saturated with Marketing doesn’t allow us to think for ourselves and that is where they make their profit.

They make us believe that we don’t know ourselves and that we have to trust “them” to know ourselves better.

Just take a minute and think about this…

Does it make any sense at all that anyone should know you better than you?

The minute you loose yourself, you’ve made yourself a willing victim, not just to marketing, but to your own ability to want to know yourself, you’ll saturate yourself with things you are told are for your self improvement, not even being able judge if the method you are being told will help you is helping you.

Knowing you, is the greatest strength and liberation you can ever feel.

That is why I don’t ear age. I don’t fear getting older.

With every year that passes the greatest gift I keep getting is the ability to know myself a little bit more.

You know what the best part about knowing yourself more?

You learn about how much you need to experience, breath and live to keep learning even more.  It’s exciting and this what is your Life Cycle.

Did you know that you don’t have a Single Old Cell in your Body?

There is no such thing as an “Old Cell”

Cells exist in Life Cycles.

The Quality of the Life Cycles of your cells depends on the nutrition you feed your body.

Release, fuels the needed nourishment for Rooting to Stimulate the Energy Flow needed for the Rejuvenation of Feeling.


I always tell people that “Release” is the true power of any movement.

Without the Release you have no Root, no Foundation.

You don’t need to train Tai Chi to practice The Tai Chi Method.

All you need to do is find the art the speaks to your ability to Release.

It’s in letting go that you find your greatest strengths, because its you, getting to know you, better.



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