Water exists in a state consistent and reflective of it’s surroundings.

Water adapts to it’s Environment, so that it can even Adapt it’s environment to water’s energy flow.

Water is beautiful and Water is great, but it isn’t better than you and it isn’t better than me.

It’s not about being like water.

It’s about Always managing to maintain your own internal fluid state, consistently, no matter what the change of environment.  It is the same fluid state that also causes the appropriate energy response from you, for the needed environmental changes around you.

The Tai Chi Method is the Step beyond Water, because it is not about conforming to Energy, it is your response to Energy and creation of Energy and how you mold that Energy for your Intended Purpose(s)

Energy flows within Nature’s Environment.

Energy creates what is needed for Nature’s Balance.

Energy can Heal.

Energy can Destroy.

Your physical body is too Nature’s Environment.

The Power of your Internal Energy depends on The Natural Environment that is, YOU, this is The Tai Chi Method.

Water is the Earth’s Circulatory & Regulatory Energy System, giving Nature what it needs, even though it sometimes causes destruction.

“Feeling”, Internal Energy Flow is our Circulatory and Regulatory System, giving our Natural State what it needs, too causing destruction sometimes.

Destruction is Nature’s message for needed change.

Destruction is the asking by Nature for a new a beginning and if you keep ignoring Nature’s signs, it inevitably hits you with something very “Loud and Clear”.

Water is Great, but You are Far Greater.

Energy is always Expanding, Honest and Felt.

Even for those who are not yet receptive to its subtle language, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an effect on you.

The Tai Chi Method is the Practice of Learning the Language of Feeling, Internal Energy Flow, Your body’s Language with You.

The Language of Feeling is Your Internal Energy Flow.

Internal Energy Flow is only able to be communicated when our Physical Form exists in an Internally Fluid State, hence, Bruce Lee’s and Dad’s famous References to Water.

But Dad and Bruce were never really telling us to “BE WATER”, as Master’s of the Martial Arts they are merely using Water as reference point for us to learn from.  Taking what we see with our eyes, using that physical interpretation to help translate the feeling translation.

The Water References are merely a kind of Cliff’s Notes for trying to get their Students to the Crucial Point of Martial Arts Learning, without having their brilliant minds and their brilliant abilities.

They are Super-humans, who understand the approaches necessary and whose desires for helping all us Regular Humans, reach our Super Statuses.  Creating incredible learning tools to speak to Average Minds, developing Average Minds in a Above Average kind of ways.

True Master’s see the ability of their student to be able to go beyond what their own abilities are.

In a classroom there is thought to be one teacher and so many brilliant minds.

The difference between the Teacher and the Student is that the Teacher enthusiastically knows the incredible abilities and genius and teachers that exists in each Pupil.

Teachers know the Students’ purpose is to surpass that of the Teacher.

Release is the starting point of all forms of nourishment, especially learning.

Energy nourishes Feeling.

Rooting/Foundation/Stability, the Catalyst for Release.

A Student cannot Learn in an Environment they do not feel a solid foundation in.

The same way it is very difficult for a Teacher to teach when a student’s energy is closed off, but this is actually a fun challenge for Teachers too.

That is why the most brilliant of Teachers come up with methods of communication that first create a “trust”, foundation/stability and rooting with their students.

Energy is powerful, but you have to create the Environment in which it can Flow.

This is why Water is beautiful example, but you are actually far more powerful.

While Energy is always Expanding, Power’s true power comes from when it is directed to Internal Energy Flow.

Flow indicates and Focus for an intended Feeling.

What makes us more Powerful than anything Water can do is that we have the ability within the Natural Environment of our own bodies to use Energy Flow to adjust what we are feeling and how we are flowing with the desired state of always being at homeostasis.

If we feel we are loosing control of our Internal Emotional Environment, unlike Water that automatically Freezes at certain temperatures, we have the ability to Warm-Up and Cool-Down, depending on how well we are trained to understand our own Internal Energy Flow.

Understanding your own Internal Energy Flow doesn’t mean you are always in this physically fluid state where you react to nothing.

It means you are constantly in a Feeling State to the environment you are in, its a kind of awareness, an instinct, like that of a wild animal that exists solely in an energy state.

Energy is Powerful, but Internal Energy Flow is the most Powerful.

The Tai Chi Method is beyond Water, because We are Water Contained in Human Forms.

Being Water in a Physical State allows us all the healing properties of Water of it’s fluid state, eliminating the destructive powers of water in its loose state.

Water becomes destructive because of it’s lack of Form.

Our Human Bodies are the Perfect Form for Water’s Physical State, combined, our Internal Energies Flow that much Greater.

This is why we are more Powerful than Water.

It is the ability to contain Destruction that is the Truest Power…

Destruction is unconfined Power’s Greatest Weakness.

We are Water’s Powers confined to Human Forms.

Our Powers Lie in the discovery of our fluid state within our contained state.

Harnessing Internal Energy Flow Nourishes Flow.

Flow is Feeling that Generates Power.



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