If you were to guess what my mother did while she was also helping dad build the school, what would you guess?

Feisty by nature, she grew up on the Lower East Side, way before it was trendy.

She helped her parents in a restaurant they built in Crown Heights, chasing patrons who would skip out on the bill with a meat clever in hand.

She didn’t have it easy, she was a natural born fighter and as much as I am my father’s daughter, I am my mother’s daughter too.

I am crazy, squared.

So, have you any idea why the NYPD would get to know my mother well enough to nickname her “The Dragon Lady”?

No, she didn’t teach them self defense, there was another reason why she was a regular in NYC Precincts, she did undercover security work.

So, why did she end up in Police Precincts?

She was brought in for questioning because oversize men, which would be basically everyone, because she stands at 5′ even.

These oversize men she caught shop lifting wanted to press charges against her for beating them up for being caught shop lifting.

We live in a crazy country where the criminals can try to sue for actions necessary, caused by them, committing a crime.

Mom was never found to be at fault, but she frequented the NYPD scene enough to tell me stories about how they started calling “The Dragon Lady”.

Mom never learned any actual fighting from dad, she even told me that the first time she hit in the nose, she knew fighting wasn’t for her, but as long as she didn’t get hit back, she was fine, so she developed her own style, where she always made sure nobody got a shot in…

Hey, why aren’t we learning some of this stuff from her?

Mom was also a bit of a vigilante.

She loved to get dad into situations and she’s even laughed about the fact, that her feistiness was the reason he got to earn such a reputation in America for his fighting abilities.

One day, up by Rockefeller Center…

Mom and dad were enjoying a drive, intended for minding their own business and mom spots a mugging of an older couple.

Mom makes dad follow the mugger with the car, until he is close enough for her to jump out.

Let’s just stop and think about this for a minute, my 5′ short beauty queen of a Mother and my Martial Arts Father, who is already a renowned Master for the Peaceful Sophisticated art of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, chasing a mugger up by Rockefeller Center.

She jumps out and chases the guy on foot and finally grabs him, 6′ tall and slams him against the wall.

Mom did say she was scared cause he was so huge and she no way of defending herself, the only thing she could do was bluff.

Quick thinking, or absolutely insane thinking provoked her reach into her jacket, like she was reaching for a gun while she shouted “Stop Police!”.

She said the guy was so terrified he held up his hands in surrender and just said “Please Miss, please don’t shoot”

She held him there until Rockefeller Security arrived.

She jumped back in the car with dad, after he found her and they continued along their weekend.

If any of you have ever wondered why I’m so strange… I believe that this may help you put some of that puzzle together.

A short while after, mom gets a call to be a body guard…

For Nelson Rockefeller.

No, she never took the job, after all, what a boring life it would have been, saving lives without her husband as her driver and accomplice?

I still haven’t even told you about the Fight at Sun Sing theater, it made the papers too.


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