Being an athlete I have tried every ridiculous diet under the sun, none of them work.

The only thing does work is eating and exercising right.

One consistent problem I would suffer when I tried the low carb craze was dark under eye circles.

Not puffiness, just darkness under the eyes accompanied by a feeling that was a bit like feeling on edge, which was actually my body telling me it was low on energy.

Before you go for the caffeine, try having some healthy carbs, that’s all.

My go to carbs are usually my multi-grain oatmeal I mix at home.

I always soak my grains for 24 hours before I cook them, this breaks down the enzyme that all seeds have to prevent sprouting, this enzyme aggravates the digestive track, so I soak with a pinch of salt.

Another easy carb is bread, not store bought loaves of white, the proper bread, baked in all the convenient shops all over the place.

It’s absolutely incredible what is happening with the food revolution now.

We are finally returning to how food is meant to be.

We need carbs to process protein and we need balanced nutrition for healthy bodies.

Next time you think you need to grab the concealer or the caffeine, just try some carbs, you’ll be amazed what a bite of bread can do for your beauty.

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