I forget that I was raised in a Lifestyle deeply rooted in My Traditional Chinese ways was not always the Norm or Regular for many of my American friends, even if they are students at the school.

I was raised with Eastern Medicine and only resorted to Western Medicine when there were no other options.

What’s the difference?

No, it’s not just about the herbs and plants, instead of pills and shots.

Eastern Medicine works to heal the source of the health problem.

Western Medicine works to stop the symptom of the health problem.

I go back to this all the time.

We are Organic Bodies, created by Nature.  We need Organic Nutrition, created by Nature.

The basis of Nature is that it heals.

Western medicine doesn’t look at healing in the same ways, which is why Western Medicine has realized that they need to start researching Eastern Medicine to actually Heal Illnesses, not Cover up Symptoms.

Just because you put concealer on a pimple, doesn’t mean you healed the pimple.  You actually are exacerbating the pimple by covering it up with make-up that is also probably toxic.  Even if the make-up is all natural, covering the problem, suffocates the pimple, preventing its natural healing process, making the pimple worse and creating a health problem, within the health problem.

When you see an Eastern Doctor, they look at your different body parts and listen to your pulse in order to identify the root of the health problem.

No matter how insignificant the symptom(s) may seem.  They go through the routine of checking your internal system, always.

Western Medicine.  You have the stuffed nose they write you a prescription for the symptom.  You have a rash, they write you a prescription for a steroid which may actually just be an allergic reaction where you should just avoid a something you ate different that day, or take a shower.  Interestingly enough too, sometimes your skin ailments are caused by your shower products.

Soap is poison to you skin.

Your Skin is Acidic.  Soap is Alkaline.

Not only is soap the basis for skin destruction, the added additives and antibacterial agents are toxic to your internal health system.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and first line of immune system response.

Skincare also creates the toxic products that are the root of your skin’s health problems.

What you put on your skin is about your Nutrition too, this is why Eastern Medicine will also tell you to stop using Soap if you come in with a Skin ailment, instead of prescribing a steroid based cream.

Eastern Medicine focuses on the body’s internal healthy balance, seeking to strengthen your Organic Body System to heal itself.

Western Medicine focuses on the symptom(s), prescribing medications with side effects, which lead to more compromises to your Organic Health System, creating a vicious cycle, keeping you dependent on prescriptions Western Medicine uses to create Patients.

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