I train daily and I am always a bit terrified of what I see going on in the gym.

Mostly Men, but with more frequency Women too, going for weights they have to strain just to keep a grip on.

This isn’t the way to Workout, this is definitely not the way to get stronger.

This is most definitely the way to cause several injuries.

Even personal trainers horrify me with what they pressure their clients to do.  It’s as though they are using their private sessions to show off what they can do “with ease” and then having their clients struggle through the session, instead of guiding their clients to get to that level.

If you are working out with a trainer, your trainer’s job is to teach you everything about your body and the exercises they are teaching you, so that you can execute your routines with fluidity and ease.  This takes time and this takes working in stages.  If you feel like “what the heck is going on?”, you should voice this to your trainer.  This is about you, your body and your health, you should work with a trained professional that approaches this learning process as a way of educating you about your body.

Now, if you like to workout on your own the best way to approach your weights is to start lighter until to you understand the feeling of the movement.

The body is incredibly intelligent and there are several resources you can pursue in order to educate yourself about your body and take the necessary steps to improve on you.

DO NOT stretch before lifting.

Do, do some light cardio to warm up the body to a light sweat.

Do not swing your weights.

Your movement should be slow, controlled and allowing for a full range of motion.

The Power of your Body is indicated in your ability to fully release at the bottom of the movement.

If you struggle to release, because you can’t life the weight with gradual, controlled initiation of the movement, you need to use less weight.

Your back should always be straight and you feet planted solidly against the ground.

Knees should be soft and the hips released, so that you feel a solid connection with the ground.

This allows for full Internal Energy Flow, the Feeling of Movement.

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