Let me start by telling you, unless you are serious athlete, training hard 3 times a day, you really don’t need protein shakes.

Excess protein that your body doesn’t use is also not good for your health.

The protein that you get in shakes does not come in a food form which also makes it difficult for your body to rid the excess, the way it normally would if you just ate too much steak.

Those Powdered Shakes of Supergreens…

How super is it that you’re missing the important fiber structure of the plant you’re ingesting in an unidentifiable form?

More doesn’t always mean better when you’re consuming an overwhelming amount of nutrition in unnatural forms and portions.

Your body only recognizes Organic Foods.

I’m an athlete, a World Champion.

I have been training in sports my whole entire life and I’ve done the leg work.

The more short cuts you take to your nutrition, the more harm you are doing to your health.

During my heavily competitive years where I trained 3 times a day for fights, I needed the extra protein that conveniently came in the form of a shake, ideally I should have probably eaten my protein, but when you train that much, it sometimes feels as though you can’t consume enough food to get the nutrients you’re body is actually hungry for.

The nutrient I needed was protein.

I am no longer fighting competitively, but I train regularly and daily.

My favorite protein, Pasteur Raised Eggs.

I Medium Boil 2 Dozen at the beginning of every week and keep them in my fridge.

I start my morning with one and have a warm glass of Non-GMO Soy/Coconut Milk I make with Bee Pollen and Raw Honey or Maple Syrup.

This is my morning start.

After working out I usually have 2-3 eggs with my Bowl of Blueberry Mixed Grain Oatmeal and Nut Butter I make biweekly from scratch.

Eggs are so convenient and I keep a few with me to refuel during my day.

Nutrition is really about basic common sense.

If you’re not a Professional Athlete, you don’t need supplemented amounts of protein.

If you want to be healthier from eating greens, eat the actual greens in its Organic Form.

Organic Real Foods are created Organically by nature to work with our Organic Body’s which are also created Organically by nature.

It’s simple and if someone wants to make it complicated, they either don’t know what they are talking about, or they are being dishonest.

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