I’ve been waking up lately, feeling better than ever.

I am stronger than I ever have been, even back in my fight days.

I just feel the best that I’ve ever felt and most of it is due to the fact that I have never been so on top of my nutrition.

As a Lifetime Competitive Athlete, I have tried EVERYTHING you can imagine as far as my Health and Nutrition are concerned.

I have tried diets.

I have tried supplements.

I have tried vitamins.

I have tried sports drinks.

I have tried recovery drinks.

If any of them had ever really worked, I would never have tried so many and forgotten so many of the brands and kinds that I have tried.

One thing I remember when experimenting during my Heavily Competitive days was that I frequently had Fluorescent Urine and that I switched Vitamin/Supplement brands constantly because I never felt a physical improvement in my Athletic Performance beyond the first few tries.

I also began noticing, on trips where I wold forget my Pills and Powders and I had to eat real food, my performance improved and I felt more energized, balanced and healthier overall.

These crazy Pills and Powders also wreaked havoc on my sleep.

I always attributed the lack of sleep to nerves, but it was when I started falling into the fad of Pills and Powders that I was experiencing terrible sleep patterns.

Even when I did finally get my sleep I never felt refreshed, I only felt like I need to pop some Supplements and Mix a Powdered concoction to Energize.

This is not a normal or healthy pattern, but all my teammates were doing it, so I did it too.  Something about it also made me feel as though I was a more serious athlete… The poisons of Marketing.

So after several years off from Martial Arts and Fighting I got back into the ring.

This time I was older, more mature and could think for myself without being clouded with self doubt.

I already had a lifetimes worth of training and nutrition experiences that had accumulated over 40 Gold Medals in CMA Competition, including a few World Championships.

I had been living the complex life of an athlete for my whole entire life and I was also able to transition into life as a regular human for a good stretch.

This time as just being a regular human was an incredible period of self discovery.

I wasn’t training as a competitive athlete, so I stopped using all the Supplements and Powdered drinks I had been sold by countless nutritionist and advertising in the fitness mags.

Ironically, it was when I stopped training as a serious athlete, that I became the best athlete.

This was my time to clear out the junk and it was incredible.

As a Competitive Athlete, you develop a very complex relationship with food.

It’s an intense love/hate thing, because, without the proper education, you think that food makes you fat, even though you love to eat, food becomes your enemy.

In this new phase of my life I was excited to eliminate all the bottles.

I just wanted to cook real food and eat real food.

So this is what I did.

I realized I never felt better and my sleep had returned to a normal, healthy pattern.

I was feeling refreshed in the morning and clear headed.  Excited about breakfast.  Excited about the gym.

I started to just explore foods in a way I used explore Vitamins, Supplements and Powder Elixirs and it all just made more sense to me and my body was a reflection of that.

I was able to go longer and harder at the gym, not because I was forcing myself, it was because I felt so good.

There was never a Supplement or Vitamin that ever gave me the kind of energy I was getting from Organic Foods.

Although I will admit, I did miss my Fluorescent Pee for some strange reason, but I got over that.

I started reading more and understanding more about the stress I was putting on my body’s liver with these Vitamins and Supplements, which was the reason for my strange bouts of fatigue and severely dehydrated skin I would get, in spite of always maintaining my water intake.  I always had very bad puffy under eye circles when I was working hardest to be my healthiest and the area under the eyes is connected directly to your liver’s health.

Vitamins and Supplements are artificially extracted and lab created chemicals that are marketed as ways to improve our health.  The doses are not natural and they are not natural.

Here’s a tiny bit of logic when thinking about your body’s and it’s nutritional needs.

We are Organic Creatures, created by nature, which is why we need Organic Foods created by nature.

Nature creates our nutrition in the form of food.

Nature does not create Vitamins and Supplements.

Organic Nature creates balanced nutrition that exist as other life forces.

Life Forces nourish Life Forces.

There are various kinds of Vitamins and Minerals and they are meant to be consumed in their balance organic nutrient state.

The balanced organic nutrient state of your food supports a life force, which means it supports life.

It is the Organic Balanced Nutrient State of Organic Foods that is needed for the balanced  absorption of those Organic Nutrients into your Organic Physical State.

Your Organic Physical state is always in need of a unique balance of nutrients, which varies day to day.

Cravings are your body’s way of asking for nutrients, the only problem is, we have created addictions with the consumption of Processed Foods. Vitamins and Supplements are also Processed Foods.

Cut out the Processed Foods and Create an Organic Life starting with You.

Be what you want to attract, that’s all.

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