When it comes to diet and nutrition, I know what I’m talking about because I have tried it all.

I have worked with countless nutritionist throughout my athletic career and I’ve tested it all on myself.

The one Biggest lie about weight gain is the myth about Fat.

Healthy Fats that is.

We need fat, it is loaded with nutrients and it provides us with energy.

It keeps our hair and skin beautiful and it makes us feel good.

Refined Sugar causes weight gain.

I cut out all refined sugar a couple of years ago and I had no problem maintaining my weight with a regular balanced diet, Fat, Carbs, Calories.

I do not count any of that stuff, I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full.

I like to spend my week grazing and weekends I enjoy more hearty meals, I think it’s more about enjoying company than food.

About a year ago I allowed myself to indulge in sweets and some of those “protein cookies” as a test.

Well, I can’t tolerate refined sugar anymore, after a few bites I get a migraine, but I still would indulge, before I got a full blown migraine.

The results were crazy.  I gained a good amount of weight, just from the refined sugar getting added back into my diet and in just small quantities.

The solution, all I did was cut out the refined sugars and I slimmed right back down.

The weight gain definitely wasn’t the best for modeling auditions, but it came right off by just cutting out this one poison.

I eat very healthy and I never deprive myself of anything.

Cutting out refined sugar cleans your pallet in way where you actually have appropriates food cravings, as opposed to addictive cravings.

The problem with avoiding refined sugar is that it is hidden in everything, but the great thing about food, is that you can always make your food and take it on the go and once you get into this habit, it’s actually fun.

Before you go crazy cutting too much out of your diet, take a look at how you can clean up your diet.

Starvation is never the way to go.  Your body needs fuel to burn excess fat too.

Take Lifestyle Enhancement one step at a time.

Try eliminating Refined Sugar.  Everything just gets better.

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