You CANNOT Spot Train to just burn Fat in one area of your body.

Each of us has different body types and the areas we gain and lose fat in are determined by our body.

You can strength train body parts, but you should always train to strengthen your whole entire body evenly.

This is why I love sports and athletics, you use your body as a machine and you train for function.

If you enjoy training for aesthetics alone, that’s great too, but you also need to train for balance, because, no matter what, your body is an “Entire Body System”.

Over working your abs, if you have fat over them, will not burn the excess fat from that area.  The muscle can get toned, but unless you balance your nutrition with your fitness routine, you won’t burn the fat necessary to show the abs you want.  Be careful, you should also be strengthening your back too!

So programs that market, to make you believe you can just burn fat in one area, they’re lying, that’s it.

Fitness is more common sense and logic than anything else.

Just work hard and eat right and then you’ll see results.

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