IMG_4269This is something dad has had around for as long as I can remember.

He always would tell us about the thousands of lives it saved of soldiers in WWII.

The powder, when used topically stops bleeding.

The secret formula stimulates white blood cell production, stimulating your body’s ability to heal and protect itself.

There is a brown pill in the cotton ball at the top of each vial and that is to stop internal bleeding and I always took this straight after fights, just to make sure I didn’t suffer from not just internal bleeding, but also blood clots.

The powder is good take post fight and also during times when just training may have caused some additional wear and tear.

This is the same brand we use at home and it’s more easily accessible at all the Chinatown pharmacies.

It’s great for stopping nose bleeds too.

Convenient to take with you everywhere and affordable, it never hurts to keep this in your arsenal.

Ladies who enjoy mildly invasive beauty treatments, this helps for healing that stuff too.

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