Before my fights I would always look straight into the eyes of my opponent.

I liked to see the change in their eyes from weigh-in and then as the moments leading up to the fight.

There’s something that the eyes tell you, in how they change as fight time approaches, that would give me a better understanding not of where they were, but where I was at mentally.

Something about my consciousness of doing this would bring an internal awareness to me, of myself.

The silent reminder that we are all human and this person, was about to be my most honest friend and greatest source of empowerment.

This person deserved all my respect and gratitude for how we were both about to help each other grow.

There is no honesty like when you get into that ring, it is a temple of respect and the teller of truth.

Your opponent is your greatest ally.

They have trained to expose your weaknesses, helping you build on your strengths.

Their strengths, become your strengths.

When I approached my fights this way, it always made me stronger.

Well, this and also knowing that seeing my opponent was step closer to that post fight meal too!!!

My greatest opponents in the ring and in life didn’t make things easy on me, they made me prove to myself that I am a worthy opponent and that I can triumph anything.

Dad always said,

“There’s no such thing as losing and sometimes as the winner is actually the loser, because the winning doesn’t show the winner their weaknesses.”

I always loved when dad said this.

He always just said it so innocently and his way of thinking has influenced me greatly when exploring the flip side of things.

It’s The Power of Positive Thinking, that’s kept realistic, whole and true.

No matter what the outcome, there is always a lesson, no matter what.


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