Now don’t go out and buy a tub of Ice Cream or order that side of Fries.

These are no the kinds of Fats and Carbs I am talking about.

I’m talking about eating Organic and Clean.

Adjusting to this lifestyle isn’t as difficult as it used to be, because so many places are adopting The Organic/Clean Lifestyle Option.

When you cut out processed foods, this way of life is easy, it flows.

When it comes to nutrition, we should not be counting Fat Grams and Calories, it should be all about counting Chemicals and Eliminating all Processed Foods.

Did you know that the body creates fat to protect your internal organs from toxic chemicals?

These toxic chemicals are in fat free foods, calorie free foods, sweetener substitutes and all processed foods.

So, eliminating this stuff, will stop your body from needing to protect its internal organs with fat.

The vegetable myth…

Food is also about chemistry and how that chemistry reacts with your body.

Raw veggies know when they are being eaten and their natural defense to this is something called Lectins, Gluten is the most famous of Lectins and we are all Gluten intolerant, some more, some less.

Cooking veggies helps break down their Lectins.

Lectins are Plant Proteins, that, when released are meant to have a toxic effect on the predator.

Their release causes death and/or paralysis to bugs when they sense they are being nibbled away at.

Depending on our cultural background and how we were raised, will effect your sensitivity to Lectins.

I tried going raw, I gained 15 pounds in 10 days and broke out in eczema and acne like you wouldn’t believe.

To test this theory I’ve tried the Raw Diet 5 separate times, each time the same result.

My body is more sensitive to raw vegetables than most, so I keep my intake limited and I cook most of my veggies, which is how I consumed them most growing up.

Gluten, it’s not meant by nature to be good for us, but in nature “poisons” have their healthful purpose too.

If you don’t eat bread because of Gluten, here’s a little chemistry lesson.

The yeast used to baked bread the old fashion way breaks down the Lectins, which includes Gluten.  Most likely, your reactions are to the preservatives in store bought loaves of white bread.

Gluten Free goods are often baked with Glutaminase which increases Gluten Sensitivity.

Whole Wheat Bread, unless baked fresh and eaten immediately is the most poisonous food you can consume.

Wheat Germ oil oxidizes incredibly fast, to prevent spoilage, a preservative that breaks down into formaldehyde, once in the body, is used.

Bread is great, but make sure you get it from a reputable source and there are plenty of those all over the place now.

Healthy Fats actually help you loose weight.  They help deliver nutrients to the body which help your body shed excess weight.

Healthy Carbs aid the body’s breakdown of protein and also make you feel good.

Calories are what Organic Nutrition is made of.

I don’t count anything when I eat, I just make sure I am always making Organic Food Choices.

Count Chemicals, to eliminate them.

Eat Organic Food to Nourish.

Nourishment is about weight loss, if that’s what your body needs to be healthy.

Let your body picks its weight, because you keep YOU nourished.

It really is this simple.



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