Never trust a person’s words.  Always trust their actions.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was raised by people who always stand behind their word.

Two remarkable people who teach by example, so much so, I don’t understand people who don’t keep their word.

It’s been a curse and gift to be raised in a way where I just trust people.

I trust what they say… That is, until the almost inevitable, distrust, they create when their actions do not support their words.

People are funny creatures, everyone wants to be trusted, without being trustworthy.

People want to be better, without actually being better.

People want to be respected, but often times are disrespectful.

People want to be inspired, but lack passion.

People nowadays approach life from the outside.

Looking at what they marvel wanting to be, but without understanding the handwork that actually goes into the idea of the person they want to be.

You want to be successful, follow your passion.

You want to be trustworthy, make sure you can be trusted.

You want to be inspired, focus on you, not what everyone else seems to have, because I guarantee you one thing, your perception and desire of the “finished product” you see in someone else, was a long road of hard work and self discovery for that person.

Nothing great ever comes easy.

True friends aren’t always as true as they portray themselves to be from the start.

But, there will always be that one person who shows up at the right moment that reminds you what my father has always told me:

“Don’t listen to what people say.  Only thing you can trust are their actions.”

He would say this to me as he watched me fall into these romantic spells with new friends I always think were my real friends.

His timing is always impeccable.

He has never spoken ill of or negatively about anyone, but he is definitely my most rusted smoke signal when it comes to those I probably never should have trusted in the first place, but I can’t help myself I’m a romantic that way.

However, belief does get you to the right place eventually.

I have definitely taken my share of bumps and bruises, but its also all definitely been worth it.


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