We always hear that breakfast is our most important meal of the day and it is, it really is.

Our body fasts, while we are sleeping.

Sleep is the most busy time for the body, this is when our hormones are getting balance.

Sleep Mode is Work Mode for the body.

When you wake up, your body NEEDS fuel.

Replenishing your body in the morning it what will help you make healthy eating choices throughout the day.

When you wake up, you need Nutrition and it should include all your food groups.

This doesn’t mean you have to have everything on the same plate, to eat in the same moment, but you need to start your day with all the nutrients your body needs to replenish itself after a long nights work.

What you do NEED every morning are the following

  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fats

Not a Breakfast Shake, you need actual food.

My morning usually starts with a softboiled egg and warm cup of homemade Non-GMO Soy Milk.  Followed by a generous serving of my Blueberry Oatmeal with Organic Nut Butter.  Both, I make from scratch.

It’s when I eat my Oatmeal/Nut Butter that I feel a surge of nutritional energy rush through me.  It’s pure energy, the nut butter only ever sweetened with raw honey.

This morning routine always helps me start my day with mental clarity and needed energy.

Sometimes brain fog, is actually nutritional deprivation.

It’s not caffeine you need, sometimes its because you need those carbs and fat too.

It’s about fuel, not chemical reaction, the way coffee causes us to react to caffeine.

I’m all for coffee once in a while.

But healthy, balanced living is about balanced nutrition all of the time.

Count to eliminate chemicals.

Eat in balance for nutrition.

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