Chicken isn’t chicken anymore, it’s become a full on processed food.

I stopped eating chicken from the American Grocery years ago and I’ve never looked back.

Growing up Chinese American, I always tasted the difference between the chicken we had in Chinese restaurants and the chicken mom made from the regular groceries at home.

I always though it was just a pure difference in cooking techniques that made the chicken taste so different.

The real difference…

The chicken you get in Chinatown is raised healthy and butchered on location, fresh.

The chicken you buy in the American Groceries is a processed living organism, which is processed after it is also processed for food consumption.

The difference in taste is unbelievable.

After you have Chinatown Chicken, American Chicken is just bland.

The difference in taste is because of the remarkable difference in nutritional quality.

And in this case, the better it tastes

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