Creams and Lotions, we are all familiar with these skincare products, but do you actually know what they are?

Creams and Lotions are lab created filler products skincare uses to put actual Skinfoods in, but in the smallest of quantities, for the purpose of increasing profit.

Creams and Lotions are emulsifications.

An emulsification is a combining of oil and water.

Filtered Water and Mineral Oil are the two common ingredients which are emulsified using an alkaline mineral known as Borax, which is also sold as laundry booster.

Do you really want a product that can bleach the color out of sheets and used to strip the grime, out of laundry on your skin?

Also, our skin is acidic, this is why we should never use soap, which is alkaline, on our skin.

Ever wonder why it seems that our hands age before we do?  Soap is one of those reasons.

Our Acid Mantle is what protects us from germ and pathogens which are alkaline by nature, our Acidic barrier keeps us youthful and healthy, destroying our Acid Mantle destroys our health and compromising our Immune System.

Our skin is our body’s first line of Immune System Response.

Just another reason why I created a Paraben Free, Filler Free, Soap Free Skinfood Line, for Immune System Enhancement.

Your Physical Beauty is more than just Looks, it’s about your Health.

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