Your Skin is your body’s Largest Organ.

Your Skin is your body’s first line of Immune System Response.

Skin Conditions are Health Problems.

Your Skin is Acidic and has an outer layer called an Acid Mantle.

Soap is Alkaline and destroys your Skin’s Acid Mantle.

Your Acid Mantle is what maintains your skin’s Youthful Appearance.

When you notice Skin Conditions, this usually is caused by damage to your Acid Mantle, mostly do to the use of Soap Cleansers.

Organic, natural oils, like your body’s sebum, clean, protect and nourish your skin.

Unnatural Oils, like Mineral Oil, Vaseline, Paraffin and Petroleum Jelly are byproducts of the fuel refinery process and are popular fillers used in all kinds of high end skincare which clog pores and are cancer causing.

Mineral Oil is what Baby Oil is made of, with the added carcinogen of artificial fragrance, usually too.

Before you try another Skincare product line to solve your skin issues, let me suggest a skinfood option for you to try at home.

This will help any type of Problem Skin.  Will not Clog Pores, will in fact Clear Pores.  Great for acne sufferers and Aging Skin… This simple Skinfood Experiment is your Skin’s Skincare Solution.

  1. Stop Using Soap
  2. Cleanse only with Organic Olive Oil
    1. Use to remove all grades of makeup and tissues away makeup
    2. Rub Olive Oil over entire face and then just follow with a warm washcloth.
  3. Moisturize with Grapeseed Oil, if needed

When you use straight organic, natural oils, you don’t need to use much and when using oils to moisturize, you should use such a minute amount that there is no shine left on the skin.

Plant Oils and Essential Oils are what Skincare always brags about being their secret antiaging ingredients, so, I thought, why not just use those ingredients?

After researching all of the stuff in skincare, I discovered that Skincare is a market of Products made with Fillers and Parabens to maximize on profit.

The fillers Skincare uses are products called Creams and Lotions.

Read my next Blog to learn about what a Cream and Lotion are actually made of.

Creams and Lotions contain inorganic product which causes the Skinfoods, plant oils and essential oils to rot, so skincare then adds toxic parabens…

None of this made sense to me, so I figured that I would create a product line where the ingredients make sense, because all of them improve our health.

Before you try another product line, even if it is my own, try the little skin tip I just gave you here.

Prove to yourself that your instinct in trusting me was right, just grab your skinfoods, straight from your kitchen, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed and neither will your wallet.

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