As an athlete, teacher, performer and speaker, my life never slows down.

I’m constantly transitioning, on the go and I always need fuel.

I used to be an enthusiastic consumer of all those accessible “healthy” bars on the go, but they never made me feel satisfied.

They all have the same “kind” of flavor, something natural, with a touch of cardboard and that same sweetness that all these bars have that just isn’t natural, no matter what the packaging claims.

I realized they never satisfied actual hunger, they just distracted you from feeling hungry at the moment and before I knew it, I would be unwrapping another “flavored” bar that tastes the same, but different than the previous bar.

Your meals and snacks should not come from a bar, that just doesn’t make sense, it’s illogical.

Most of the marketing for “healthy” foods are just illogical, but they sell us all a fantasy that we want to believe and we buy into it because we want to look like the people in the advertisements.

I go in for modeling auditions for skincare products I never would allow near me, I haven’t used anything but my Skinfoods line for 10 years.  Soap hasn’t touched my skin for 10 years.  I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner for 7 years.  My skin and hair are two things that land me auditions for skincare and cosmetics.  So, the next time you see a model in an add for anything “healthy”, just remember, they were picked by a headshot, for their looks, not the resume on health and wellness.

Even some of those people writing books on health and wellness now days, do not live a lifestyle as healthy as the covers of their books portray.

They are marketed, because of their exterior, their interiors are far more dark, miserable and unhealthy than the healthy recipes they try to sell.

Protein, Carbs and Healthy Fats are necessary for daily healthy function and weight loss.

During the week I always keep the following in my bag in small size mason jars:

  1. Medium Boiled Eggs (I like a soft creamy yolk)
  2. Blueberry Oatmeal w/Nut Butter (Oatmeal Blend-Steel Cut Oats, Quinoa, Wheat Berries, Amaranth, Barley)

I keep 3 eggs in a jar and all I keep is a 4oz contained of my homemade oatmeal with a spoonful of nut butter mixed in.  This keeps me energized all day long.

I don’t just wait till I’m starving and devour everything in once sitting.

I have and egg here and there and sometimes I don’t finish the oatmeal in one go, I just have a bite or two at a time.

We don’t need to have huge meals and we should never wait until we are starving to the point where we can actual devour such a huge quantity of food at one time.

Waiting till you’re starving to eat causes a huge amount of street on the body.

First, there’s the stress from starving.

Then theres the stress from putting way too much food into your body all at one time.

It’s a digestion, weight gain nightmare.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of big meals with friends and family, but save those for special occasions.

Create healthy lifestyle habits and your health will always stay balanced.

It really is about the little things.

Getting the little things right, are the brush strokes to making the big picture, perfect.

Eggs and Oatmeal, not just breakfast food, all day nourishment for healthy minds and balanced bodies.

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