I’m not just talking about how you eat, I’m talking about what you put on your skin.

Oils have caught a bad wrap for a long time because of marketing.

You wanna know an ugly truth?  The oil that is probably making you breakout in those fancy jars you are spending hundreds of on per bottle, is probably mineral oil, petroleum jelly and/or vaseline.  All, byproducts of the fuel refinery process, all toxic and bad for your health and it’s the stuff fossil fuel refineries remove from fossil fuel, because this stuff will clog your cars engine and then sells it to skincare for products like Creme de la Mere.

Organic, natural oils feed your body.

Sebum is the oil that our bodies naturally produce to nourish, protect and clean our own skin.

Soap strips our sebum, destroying our Acid Mantle, creating Skin Conditions which Skincare in turn sells us “Solutions” for.

No matter what Skincare sells you, if they begin their Skincare Regiment with a soap cleanser, they are giving you the tool you need to ruin your skin, so that they can then sell you the products you need to sooth those skin symptoms.

It’s a vicious cycle and you are the customer they create with the use of creative writing and promises on labels that have been written by people in advertising for the purpose of marketing.

Before you run out and buy more Skincare, try this.

STOP using SOAP!!!

Instead, use Olive Oil to cleanse and Grapeseed Oil to moisturize.

Olive Oil Cleanse:

  1. Rub Olive Oil on Dry Skin
  2. Tissue off any make-up and work on more Olive Oil until make up is removed
  3. Wipe face with warm, damp washcloth

Grape Seed Moisturizer:

  1. Just rub on the tiniest amount, You don’t want to leave a shiny layer, this is not just a waste, it triggers your skin to block absorption.
  2. Add a drop of Lavender oil to help with any and all Skin Conditions.

Beauty does really begin in your kitchen.

Be cautious of using Coconut Oil on the face, it is a medium chain fatty acid which is great for fat loss and energy, but it’s molecular structure may clog the delicate pores of the face and eye lids.

It’s this simple routine that lead to my creation of CHEN-Skinhealth

Skinfoods are health foods.

60% of what we apply to our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream in 26 seconds, as nutrition, for our heart to pump to every cell in our body.

Are you nourishing your skin with what you are using on your skin?

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