Karma, you hear everyone throwing this word around now, it’s like “namaste” and beards.

Nobody really ever seems to know what “Namaste” actually means, the same way guys have no real purpose for growing their beards… It’s because everyone is doing it.


Seems as though everyone seems to believe in this.

I listen to millennials throw this word around, in a way of guiding the actions of their peers.  You can see, they feel so wise when they approach the use of this word.

They feel old and wise, in a Gandhi kind of way when they say this and some seem to feel a bit like Mother Theresa.

It’s as though you can see them take on the physical impressions they learned over social media… Social Media, everyone’s bible to wisdom in this generation.

Integrity, Dignity and Honor.

The essence of these descriptive words of character have become extinct with this generation of millennials.

You even hear people my age regularly dismiss the Narcissistic, Insipid, Selfish, Manipulative characteristics of this generation by giving them the excuse of being “millennials”.

Dear Millennials, I do not mean to pick on ALL of you.  I do understand that there are needles, exceptional needles in every hay stack, but this mass generation’s tactics and maneuvers overwhelmingly consume the constant need for “understandings”.

Understanding of what I wonder now?

Cause, isn’t a jerk, just a jerk, for being a jerk?

Have we tried to become too understanding for too long?

Is it the over accumulation for behavior so gross, the reason why so many of this generation have caused the classification of their own breed, “the millennials”? This is not a compliment, but more of a way of excusing a mass of people, so wrong in so many ways, that you can’t really single out anyone for how wrong they all are in all the same ways, so we just settle at calling this problems “then millennials”.

The Millennials…

Ok, I feel bad for calling out a whole generation, because there still are so many incredible people within that genre and a few of the same generation, but outside of that genre.

Karma, if Karma really did it’s job, what the hell is going on with the genre of “The Millennial”?

I was raised and life has taught me to do the right thing and the right things will happen.

I was raised to know that trust is such a valuable commodity and to never betray it.

Treat people right, be fair.

Don’t take advantage.

Giving feels better than taking.

On more than one occasion, the same rules I was raised by, are the same rules, the ruling majority class of millennials have somehow learned to manipulate for their own greater gain.

Every principal I was raised to uphold seems like an opportunity for those of this generation to try to capitalize on.

People’s Honor gets manipulated for excessive greed.

People’s Trust gets manipulated for excessive greed.

People’s Hope gets manipulated for excessive greed.

The craziest thing is, when you’ve actually called them out for these behaviors, sometimes all of them, they cry…

They cry as though you have done something to them, when they have taken advantage time and time again.

They think not having been called out for their behaviors, means they got away with something, instead of respectfully understanding that were being given a show of respect an confidence.

Children are always trying to get away with things, don’t we learn as adults that it just doesn’t feel good to live without a sense of honor?

Is it that some of us grow up sooner than others?


Is it that some choose to stay a child?

Which one is it?

Karma, I wonder, did the Millennials drain this word dry of its meaning, the same way so many of this generation live without Integrity, Dignity and Respect?

Or is Karma getting back at the world by allowing the narcissism of this generation to create the “selfie”, in a self obsessed society, where procreation takes two, causing us to eliminate ourselves, by ourselves, because we are of a generation that only thinks about ourselves, constantly.


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