Karma is always spoken of when the need to check one’s actions comes into play.

It’s whole “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

But what has happened to society that we need to constantly check our own actions, for fear of what our own character provokes us to do to someone else, possibly being something we would never want done not only to ourselves, but to someone else we love too?

I was raised to treat people honestly.


When I say anything I mean it from the honest place which is my heart and I always prove my words with actions, I actually rarely ever preface anything I do with words, I just do.

What I do I always know is instigated by my heart, I am never worried about the repercussions for my actions, because it’s never made sense to me to be underhanded or conniving, two behaviors where constant reminders of Karma are necessary.

Friendships and Relationships are a result of consistency.

Most people are consistent to their needs only, once you learn this, you know who is a friend and how most are acquaintances.

Most acquaintances start off as the best of friends and then disappear into thin air.

This is why my dad always reminds me not to trust and love people too soon or too much, but I feel as though it is because of his heart I am like this.  Perhaps this is also why he knows the need for needing to remind me of this.

He is also watching through the corner of his eye anyone I begin to develop a friendship with, I rarely notice, but I have on more than one occasion had an acquaintance or two tell me they noticed dad’s watchful eye as we spoke.

Here’s what dad had said on a few of these instances:

“Let me just give you some advice, when people are finished with the class, just let them leave” (this person was phony enough to hand me a birthday card during this exchange too)

Translation: That person can’t stand you, even though they act like they are kissing your ass, they’re not.

“That person is a nice person, but not nice the way you think they are acting towards you”

Translation: That person is just hanging around you for something, it’s not friendship.  They just want something.

“That person isn’t talking to you for friendship”

Translation: That person, like most of NYC just wants something and sometimes it’s just about the fact that I am my father’s daughter and that’s all.

We get a lot of people preaching “Good Karma” who come to the school for guidance and obviously because they have a sense that the path they are already on needs our particular guidance.

Karma is simple, it’s not the need for constant reminding, it’s just a reflection of who your true self is.

Don’t like what you see, just change.

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