Society is so competitive.

Nature is competitive.

Survival of the Fittest.

As a person raised as a competitive athlete, my experience was a bit different than most of everyone’s experience as a competitive athlete.

The most natural way to approach competition is to follow it’s example in nature, which goes back to survival of the fittest too, what’s one thing that the competitive nature of these two scenarios have in common? It’s that competition isn’t about the person before, after or next to you, it’s about you, improving you, nothing less, nothing more.

Today’s society looks at all of life as this competition against each other.  This just doesn’t make sense when it comes to self improvement, in nature competition is about becoming stronger within yourself, it’s about a development of an inner strength.  Inner strength doesn’t come from tearing anyone else down or even comparing yourself to someone else.  The only time you should observe another person is to learn from them.  We are all the same, in that we are all unique.  We all have the incredible ability to learn from our own perspective, as well as adapt to the learning from the perspective of others.

Competition and the need to compare to be better than someone else is an illusion that makes society bitter and dilutes the quality of the unique quality we all have, which is that, we are all sublimely unique.

My father always talked about competition as the best tool for learning, there was this enthusiasm in his voice that never made competition seem like a test of good or bad.  Competition is the ultimate learning tool that you should be proud for having been able to reach this level of learning.  It’s about your own desire to push yourself, to test your limits so you can expand your boundaries.  There is absolutely no such thing as loosing in competition, no matter what the experience, is an irreplaceable lesson.

Dad would often say, “The looser is the real winner, because the winner helped show you what you need to work on to become stronger”.  I think this is why I never felt particularly crushed when I didn’t win the way I hoped to stand on the podium.

It’s really the decision to test yourself which is the greatest lesson for growth in life.  It’s the journey that makes you into something more.  It’s your decision from the start to challenge yourself, which is the beginning of belief in one’s self.

Competition is merely you, deciding, you can.  It’s not about anyone else, it’s about you, your journey, your experiences, you are your own triumph for having taken on the challenge.  It is invigorating, it is liberating and it is the most empowering growth to know you are able to challenge yourself, because nobody is you, this is your strength, but everyone is your teacher and this is your greatest power.

It doesn’t matter how many gold medals you win.  They mean nothing, especially if you think they mean everything.

Competition is you always striving to be a better you and that has everything to do with how you approach your growth in a competitively healthy way.

When it comes to competition, don’t follow society’s standards exploited through the marketing of social media and the need for “likes”, look at nature’s example and realize the focus should always be about just improving yourself.

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