Detoxing is simple and it is necessary, for all of us.  It’s not just about the elimination of toxins from our diet and skincare.  It is also about the kind of company we keep around us.

People, people are amazing, beautiful, interesting, brilliant, dark, bright, troubled, helpful, hurtful, selfish, giving.  This is true about all of us and we all learn to live within the range of these characteristics that not only make us human, keep us human.  There is no such thing as perfect and it is in fact our imperfections which are our greatest mechanisms to becoming better people.

However, some people refuse to see their imperfections as mechanisms for improvement and instead try to manipulate the world around them by becoming something more than imperfect, disturbed, the new rampant breed of the narcissistic gaslights.  This breed is the kind of toxic human energy everyone must eliminate from their lives.

I am constantly intrigued by everyone and I let everyone into my life with open arms.  People fascinate and intrigue me.  Everyone is so unique with special gifts that I eagerly see the Unicorn, before I see the reality.  The reality is, most people are not Unicorns, or, maybe they are, they just haven’t reached their magical state.

The toxic human is one to be eliminated fast and hard, you don’t owe them an explanation, because reasoning with people like this becomes an destructive game of manipulation that the toxic human is just better at.  This is a game where walking away is the greatest win.

It’s always a bit shocking to me that people think the game of manipulation action works,  its such a creepy feeling always prefaced with an overflow of affection, so unnatural that you feel it, just as much as you can smell the subtle stench.  It’s such a toxic feeling to be around and by just politely allowing them to ramble on, they think they have you hooked, without giving a thought to the fact that maybe they just sound so much the fool their company does not feel they deserve the dignity of an answer.

For those of you reading this thinking your game of manipulation, narcissism and gas lighting works, it really doesn’t.  Either you’ve preyed on someone innocent, which makes you a monster and gives them a lesson or you’ve gotten away with you disdainful behavior because you were allowed to by the person you thought you were manipulating because the person you are manipulating is either a parent who loves you too much to allow themselves to admit what a disappointment you are or you’re dealing with a person who sees your game, but is giving you a chance at being a better human before they either call you out or walk away.

With the change of seasons I always seem to reflect on people in my life that have come and gone and I tend to pay particular attention to the people who just don’t seem as genuine as their performance first started out to be.

Changing of seasons is always my time to Detox my Social Circle.

All the detox programs out there, but none of them detox your energy/soul.



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