I joke about meditation or taking a nap as the same thing.

It’s not the same.

Sleep allows the body to “close down”, the state of sleep is an unconscious state, where everything collapses.

Meditation is a the level beyond consciousness.  It’s a mix of the conscious mind, blended with am insightful dab of the subconscious.  It’s dreaming awake and I’m just gonna be blunt here, it’s what I feel like when I’m stoned, but a bit clearer, without the munchies.  It’s the best part of what being stoned is like, but in a very conscious, fluid state.

Meditation, it’s another way of channeling serious energy flow, it’s easy, but it may take a few simple steps to get there.

You don’t have to sit in a prescribed pose, you should actually find your own posture that feels open and grounded.  The basis for meditation and all forms of fitness geared towards Energy Flow is to have a solid base.  It is only from a solid, stable base that you can then release and relax your body’s physical structure for the intended Internal Energy Flow.

If you are new to meditation, don’t approach it from pictures or videos, you need to find a comfortable position for your body, which helps you release and relax within your own body, while maintaining proper body structure, which just means, straight spine, relaxed shoulders and a long neck.

When your alignment is right, your body relaxes into itself.  There should be no muscle tension, just energy flow.

Once you get the physical feeling right, focus on your breath.  Breathe to Listen, Feel and Release.  Feel the physical release with the exhale and just repeat.

You can do this with the eyes opened or closed, it’s up to you, sometimes people find it helpful to focus on a certain object.

There is no time limit or time requirement.  Meditation is Self-Care and you are the judge of the space and time you need because only you, knows you best.

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