Tai Chi has nothing to do with slow movements, if judged by the eye, then yes, that is what you will see, but Tai Chi is not about what the eye sees, Tai Chi is all about what the heart feels. So, for you heartless ones out there, this might be difficult for you to understand, but not really, because those of you who seem heartless only do it for show, you feel deeply, probably far too deeply and that is why you choose to show you don’t.

Tai Chi is about feeling.

When you walk, it is not a physically disconnected motorized skill.  It flows in its movement, because walking, for most of us is just natural and we all have the basic body mechanics to understand that mechanism.

Walking is a form of Tai Chi.

To take walking into the next level, you need to add element that brings you more into your present moment, because walking is a bit too simple for most of us and because its such a natural movement we don’t need to take our time to feel the energy flow from the base of our movement.

So, why don’t we just try slowing down the pace at which you are walking.

Slow the pace to where you walk gently, the same you would if there was a baby sleeping, using the leg you are standing on to lower the free leg to the floor, heel to toe, until you fully shift into what was the free leg to repeat the movement all over again.

Now, time the movement with the inhale and exhale of your breath.  Exhale on the release and connection with the floor.  Inhaling when the base leg initiates the next step.

The movements done in time with your own natural breath have now created your own Tai Chi movement.

Tai Chi is just about the basics.

  1. Establishing your base (root)
  2. Allowing the root to initiate and physical full body release.
  3. The physical full body release then being the trigger to initiate your body mechanics, movement
  4. The end of the movement, being the basis for reestablishing your root.

That’s all, its just this cycle, guided by your natural inhalation and exhalation which breathes the Tai Chi into your movement.

Don’t forget, your breath is the internal mechanism for guiding the physical movement through feeling.

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