When you are new to teaching, you might make the mistake of thinking that teaching is about telling people all that you know… This is just a fallacy on so many levels.  Perspectives, levels of insight, all add to the quality of what we learn and as long as you are always growing.  So all that you know, is never all that you know.  What we know is in “the now” and thankfully, for the knowing “the now” is always changing.

Your students aren’t there for you to tell them what you know.  It’s not your stage to show-off.  It’s not attention you are there to get.  It’s not about having a room of people who have to listen to you.  Your students aren’t there for you to feel superior.  Your students are your tool for learning what you do better.  Your students are there for you to earn their respect.  Your students are your valued assets for learning.  This is the most intriguingly fun dynamic to learn, build and create and it is the most satisfying feeling in the world when you end your classes with gratitude and happiness.  It really makes life feel so “full”.

The first thing I always do, is tell my students how much they already do know.  It’s true.  What I teach is your body’s language with you.  Nobody knows you better than and everything I know, is just from the level of perspective I have learned and experienced it from.  Each and every student widens my vision and my ability to learn how to understand what it is I do, better.

There is nothing more invigorating, intriguing and mind expanding than teaching.

Teaching is the lifelong commitment to the love of being a student.

Mastery is the lifelong commitment to always living life through the innocence and eyes of a curious child.

Arrogance is a learned behavior by a person intimated by their own abilities and growth, so much so that they have actually caused a stunt in their own growth.  Arrogance can be cured, but it takes a truly honest, brave and strong heart to unlearn fear of ones self.  If people weren’t so initimated by how truly incredible they are meant to be, they would lack all ability to sabotage their greatness with Arrogance.

Teaching is the love for swimming through the ideas of everyones mind, it’s the desire to connect,personally and intimately to understand another mind’s eye with your eye for the mind.  It’s the desire to turn brain waves into physical feels and physical feels into emotional understanding.  It’s speaking your ideas to the interest(s) of your students.  This is a level of intimacy that triggers an energy flow between the synergy of the minds.  It’s like the craziest drug when you get your timing just right and it’s also the most frustrating torment when you just can get into the layers, but we are human and sometimes you just don’t connect.

Most importantly, your teaching style is a reflection of how you see your true self and my master example for teaching has always been my father, William CC Chen.

His artistry stems from the heart of a curious child and this is why I think he seems to get younger with age.  His enthusiasm for learning is infectious and his classes are exactly that, rooms filled with enthusiasm for learning.  He just said today “I keep looking for your problems to correct myself”.  The purity in this state hits a note so real and raw it just makes me feel like, “Well, if thats the case, we all can do it”.  And we can, but most people will listen to what dad just said an turn it into what ends up sounding like criticism.

Criticism is negative and does not belong in any classroom, period.  Feedback and corrections are what create a nurturing environment and nobody enters a classroom wanting to feel negativity.  It takes a certain kind of finesse to nurture and that all stems from having a truly humble heart.

Trust is key when teaching.  Learning is vulnerable, because, the student is trusting someone to help mold them into the person they are seeking to become.  When someone gives you the gift of their open mind, do not abuse it or take them for granted. The part a person wants to improve about themselves is the greatest thing they could trust anyone with.

The role of a teacher is gift earned by a person who’s love of learning speaks to the intrigues of others who give themselves as students for the purpose of becoming richer through knowledge.

Nobody owns knowledge and knowledge is received on so many different levels of understanding.  Sometimes the same thing I thought I learned last week, uncovers something entirely new the following week.

Knowledge is always new and the more people you get to share your knowledge with, the better understandings you have of it.

It’s the chosen role of the lifetime student with a childlike curiosity that makes the greatest masters of teachers.

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