I am my father’s daughter as much as I am my own person.

It’s a complex mix and a learning experience nurtured by my father’s constantly watchful eye.

Because I have grown up a bit sheltered there’s an honesty I believe in and possess that exists entirely outside of the perspective of most people I encounter.  It’s interesting, intriguing and often times disappointing, but then you also learn that the disappointments you encounter help you appreciate the precious gift of sincerity that is so few and far between.

I was born with this bizarre desire to love and trust everyone.  It’s as though I am this hippie child that needs to sometimes be protected from herself, but life is a continuos classroom, so I do learn, but I enjoy a lot of reinforcement before I make my final decisions.  I have this strange approach where I just get so excited by how incredibly unique everyone is, that I just wanna learn more and experience more of these people, so I jump all in, without caution.  This definitely keeps my life interesting, but it also reveals how incredibly uninteresting people usually are, more often than not, there’s a hidden agenda, more often than not, these incredible “friendships” crash and burn out of nowhere.

Here’s where I’ve learned about my intuition and what a precise gift it actually is.

Your gut never lies to you, but we have been trained to look at everything from the outside, in.  This is our first mistake.  Even how we deal with pain and signs of illness.  We look at the symptom and look to sooth the symptom, without thinking about what is going on inside of us and how to adjust our lifestyles to live healthier.  The same with people, people often times just show you what they want you to see, for a purpose of their own wanting.  Since I do not approach life or people this way it has taken me a little while to realize, people are by nature of modern society to function from the perspective of outside, in, negating the ability for us, to listen to their intentions, because they make a huge performance out either being overly cordial or they over extend themselves as a show of who they want you to see them as and then you trust that this who they are and think that this is a genuine friendship.  The minute you trust the “genuine friendship” is usually when it brings the inside of your new friend, out and when this is the case, for me, you realize the friendship never existed, it was just an infatuation.

It’s an interesting thing, intuition and how modern society trains us to ignore our gut on so many levels, our gut senses energy and energy never lies.

Tai Chi is magnificent in that it sharpens your ability to listen and in a funny way, the more I teach, the more I listen to the unspoken.

Listening is about approaching life from the inside, out.

Never ever forget, intuition never lies.

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