Your body produces 16 different types of Collagen.  Collagen is the glue that holds us together, it’s not just our skin, it’s what keeps our joints healthy and it’s what keeps our connective tissues healthy too.  Our body’s Collagen is produced from amino acids we ingest.

Creams that claim to infuse your skin with Collagen are lying.  The molecular structure of Collagen is too big to pass through your skin’s membrane and given the fact that it is our body’s that produce collagen, it is only our body’s that know the kind of collagen needed when your body needs to produce its Collagen that’s needed. Skincare jars couldn’t possibly predict the kind of Collagen your body needs, even if you could apply Collagen to your skin.

The only way to actually improve Collagen quality is by how you nourish your body and the toxic skincare products you avoid.

People do not realize how much they are damaging their skin with conventional skincare.  Skincare causes the Skin Conditions they pretend to sell the solutions for.  It’s a vicious cycle that just contributes to Collagen break-down, premature aging and Skin Conditions.

Bone Broth is another Health Trend that has always been a part of my health regiment.

Bone Broth encourages healthy collagen production and this was always a favorite food for me when I trained heavily.  It completely healed the ache in my joints and the glowing skin always seemed to be a nice coincidence, until I started my Skinfood Line and learned about how to truly encourage our skin’s health, which is about enhancing our whole body’s health.  Immune system enhancement is a way I reference my Skinfoods line, because that is exactly what it is about.


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