Brunch at the Gramercy Park Hotel is nothing shy of spectacular.

The menu doesn’t disappoint no matter what you order, today was a pancake day and they have ricotta pancakes that are the lightest, fluffiest kinds of decadence that somehow end op feeling like a cinder block upon completion, but that probably because you become senseless, when your senses are tantalized in such an alluring decadent bouquet of Butter, Pancakes and Bacon Style Pancetta.  This is why I also believe these pancakes exist in NYC, so that you can walk around endlessly, the antidote for finishing the delightful decadence you unknowingly seem to inhale in just a few delirious bites.

The dinner menu, makes you want to just sit in from brunch, because it is also a scene to be seen when you’re dining here.

Not only is the food remarkable, the tables are all like mini stages, each with an entirely different plot.  It’s fun, it’s interesting and it’s soul food of another kind.

The next time you visit us at the school, make sure you either do brunch and/or dinner at the Gramercy Park Hotel, it won’t disappoint!!!


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