I had an incredible evening with my dear, dear, dear friend Tank.

I think we must’ve walked for 12 miles just talking about everything and nothing and then also talking about things that were everything in the moment and a little bit more.  He’s a fighter, I’m a fighter, we’re both older and more in-touch with our bodies than ever before.  We think more than we used to, which means we feel more than we did.  We understand things to the point of needing to reunderstand them and we talk about all of it with each other.

We were in discovery mode the night we got together and it was one of the most interesting nights I’ve had in a long time.  One of our topics of conversation was about sports.

I think we started with golf somehow and my immediate reaction was about how dangerous it is because of those little hard balls flying around.  On a few occasions I was lucky enough to miss getting hit directly and I never forgot thinking that the amount of damage and little solid orb like that could cause on impact, especially if it caught me in the right spot and I immediately followed with, “it’s safer to catch  hook to the temple than a golf ball to the temple”

We moved into football where we discussed the ridiculous speeds humans charge at each other with because of the added protection of all that padding.  Then there’s also the added element of surprise and not always knowing where you’re gonna get hit from which is incredibly dangerous.  To which I reply, “Fighting is so much safer, at least I know that what I am facing is infront of me, with the same two arms and the same two legs that I have”.  Then somehow we started talking about not using shin-guards and I got to show-off my favorite scar below my lower lip, which was a bare shin bone to my chin bone that split me open.  The thing about it, I was fine.  I was cut and bleeding and the ref stopped the fight because I was cut straight through, watched the rest of the fights and then got stitched up in the hospital.  What I mean by this, was that, the bone on bone impact was safer, cause it caused such immediate damage that the ref and my corner knew that I had to go to the hospital, the same with MMA and the tiny gloves, you’re just knocked, you can’t suffer damage, on top of damage that builds up, causing more damage.

Then we talked about rugby which I dabbled in while I was away at college. Rugby, to me was safer than any of the other sports where the focus was a ball.  The lack of gear makes it skin on skin, bone on bone, which is it’s kind of “intelligent” protection and it does take a certain kind of breed that can withstand the intense physicality of Rugby, because there is no gear that creates a “false” armor.

When it came down to it, we both spent a good amount of time laughing about how fighting really is the safest sport on earth and then we found an amazing restaurant on the west highway, which is a converted sailboat that is now a restaurant called Grand Banks that we can’t wait to eat at next.

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