The frozen food section is always a regular stop of mine.

When produce is harvested it goes through shipping and handling, get moved all over the place until it makes it to your grocery store.  During this period of transit, there are inevitable contaminants and a process your food naturally goes through which is called oxidation, when your produce steadily looses its nutritional content after being harvested, which is also called rotting.

My solution has always to buy Frozen Organic produce to avoid additional contamination and also make sure my produce is a nutritionally intact, because frozen produce is flash frozen at the time of harvest, preserving nutritional value.

Frozen produce also keeps longer in the freezer and is an easy, ready to use option for cooing and shakes.

Freezing helps break down the cell wall of veggies, making it easier for your body to digest and helps break down plant proteins, known as lectins, which are actually slightly toxic to the body, the most popular lectin we know of is Gluten.  Toxicity in natural food forms is different in nature than how we classical think of toxins being just poisonous.

When the body senses toxins, like when you eat any kind of bitter food it stimulates your immune system to do a “clean out” and kind of cleansing because of the chemicals your body is stimulated to produce.

Organic foods, is nutritious quantities is always the way to better health.

Frozen has always been my way to go when keeping Organic not just affordable, but healthier.

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