Everyday my work day is very different.  I like to read, so I am guilty of sometimes spending far too long in some kind of weird seated position.  I wiggle around a lot, but it’s not good for anyone’s body to suffer the weight of gravity, focused mostly in the area of their lower back.

I’m not too fond of meditation with timers, because I feel that meditation should be timeless time spent in your own space of selflessness, but I do firmly believe that we should set a timer that reminds us to get out of our heads so that we can reconnect with our bodies.

I hit the gym daily and I walk almost everywhere, that’s the amazing thing about NYC, it’s always an adventure and just the other night with my friend Tank we ended up in Chelsea Market, late, but entered through a side street entrance and it literally felt like we landed in Asia and we didn’t even need a passport.  All we kept saying to each other was how much fun we always have wandering and I realized that it is the state of wandering, wonder that is so essential to our Mind/Body/Soul balance.

For the days where we spend most of our time wandering through the neuroplasticity of our minds, it is important to always stay connected to the good feelings of our physical body.  Between my work at the laptop and the reading of books I get my get into a state of wandering, wonder when I am putting orders together for my Skinfoods.  When I need to realign my back and release my hip joints, I just simply do a basic squatting exercise when I am at home.  I also have my students do this when I am programming their body’s to learn how to release for energy flow.

Here’s the at Home Squat that’s Tai Chi, without having to deal with the complexities of knowing the form:

  1. Inhale
  2. Exhale, and at the bottom of the breath release into a full squat, where you try and touch your butt to the ground.  Both feet should be at least shoulder width apart and stay flat to the ground throughout the entire movement.  Your hips will drop below your knees and you are not holding a position, you are releasing into the pose of a squat.  Your weight should be flat footed.
  3. Inhale and Exhale.
  4. Now, on your next Inhale, allow the breath to drive your energy through from the front part of your feet, the ball of the foot and the big toe, through your body until you return to your standing position.  When you return to a standing position your weight should be flat footed.

It is only the initiations of the movement that shift your weight into the front part of the foot, ball of the foot and the big toe.

Repeat the exercise with your breath guiding the movement.  The most important thing is to feel the movement and feel the release in your squatted posture.  This opens the hips, realigns the spine and alleviates the pressure on your entire back.  It’s the natural mechanics of your body’s movement that you engage through the dynamics of internal energy flow, but you need to work with mechanism of your natural breath which is the essence of energy flow, feeling.

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