Processed food is just the biggest health crisis of all time. The fact that we actually think processed food is food is just wrong in ways I still have yet to comprehend.

Growing up I was rarely allowed to have pizza.  Hot dogs were few and far between.  McDonalds and Burger King were strictly limited. Soda was something I had to sneak.  Why?  My mother told me the truth, she said “These things are not food and I don’t want you thinking that they are, just because all your friends’ parents’ are feeding their kids this, does mean it’s food.  I don’t want you to learn to think these things are”.  For years I would be so jealous of my lucky friends who had parents that gave them a slice of pizza for dinner and I coveted the hot dogs I could only get at birthday parties.

Processed food is everywhere and it’s most popular form exists not just in pre packaged food like products, but they are the popular food chains that saturate our city’s infrastructure.  This is the stuff children are being raised on and we have been programmed to think is nourishment, it’s not.

You don’t have to go insanely extreme and just eat greens, cutting out everything, in attempt to be “healthier”, this isn’t healthy either and it is not natural for your body’s healthy balance.  We need diets balanced in Fat, Carbs and Calories, without those three, we are not eating food.

Harbs-NYC, this is a spot I have noticed for years and then one day after a photoshoot with my fave photog, I asked her about this spot that looks like Disney Land for Dessert and without missing a beat she says, Harbs.

We go and find out it’s not just desserts, they also have a light menu, bake and make everything in house, down to the sausage they use in one of their pasta dishes.

I’m not advocating this place as an everyday indulgences, but I don’t want you to forget, indulgences should be part of your diet too, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a little dietary fun, but the kind of food you should always put into your body should just be food ingredients and the processing should not be from the use of chemicals and additives.

My one complaint they do not sell their white loaf bread, you can only experience this magic when you dine in-house.

Here’s something interesting I notice, when I eat at Harbs and I do not hold back, I wake up leaner and with zero bloat.  My mid-section is always flat and I feel great.  It’s because the only processing done to the food has to do with actual food prep work.  Everything is so clean and magnificently sublime.  From the people to the food, it’s a NYC spot that makes decadence healthy.


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