The best way to get in shape and stay in shape includes REST!!!

This isn’t my Fitness Secret, my Fitness Secret is something I like to call body confusion.

Not only is it the best way to stay in shape physically, it’s also a fun way to keep your mind busy and distracted, fitness this way always keeps your mind and body working together, actively.  It’s a different relationship you create with your mind and body.

Body Confusion is as simple as just NEVER doing the same kind of workout twice.

I never do the same workout in the gym, one rule I have is that I do keep my explosive lifting at the beginning of my workout, because I do not want to complicated lifts when I am fatigued.  I don’t usually work with a spotter, so I have to work smart.  We should always work smart regardless.

Have fun planning your workout daily, even thinking about it the night before, sometimes I get so excited I literally can’t fall asleep.  I’m so amped to get to the gym first thing, cause its fun, because it feels so good.

The body likes learning, the same way the mind enjoys learning.  Learning keeps the mind and body sharp.  Learning keeps things new.  Learning always makes us have to work a little extra to figure things out and that’s the healthiest way to approach your fitness routine too.

It’s as simple as just changing the order of your workouts.  You can add sprints between your strength routine.  You can change your different forms of cardio.  You can alternate your cardio with your reps and sets.  It’s up to you to just be as creative as you can be.

Take classes, watch videos, it’s not complicated at all, it actually ends up becoming another fun activity.  The time flies by when you are constantly changing it up.

The one most destructive part of any fitness routine is boredom and monotony.  All you have to do is just change things up to keep from being bored.  It’s a really simple formula and all it takes is you and your creativity.  Talk to friends, exchange ideas.  Get together and pick different exercises to teach each other.  Use this time to bond, it’s fun and it will never, ever get boring.

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