Lately I have had a the incredible experience of encountering people who are new to Tai Chi and while we are going through the learning process together I have this funny feeling inside where I feel like my children are lying to me in type of way, I know they’re not, but I also know there’s a bigger reason to why their body isn’t connecting with the very basic simple movements I am trying to use to create the right “feeling”.  What I actually sense is that their “feeling” is off, but its been happening with brand new students, where I’m not quite sure if the newness of Tai Chi is what’s creating the physical complications, or if its something else they’re not telling me and after enough dialogue I finally coax them into telling me that they either did and marathon the day before or just did a heavy leg day before they came.

This should just be basic common sense foe anyone learning anything new, Do Not push your body to exhaustion, when you are going to be using your body to learn something new and requiring additional use of your physical body.

Tai Chi looks slow and gentle.  Tai Chi is slow and gentle, but understanding the actual mechanics requires a mind/body connection that cannot happen if the mind and the body aren’t in sync.

No matter how excited the mind is for your first Tai Chi class, if your body needs to recover, that is exactly what it is going to try and do while you are fighting your body to do Tai Chi.

Another thing about Tai Chi, its basis originates from feeling, so whatever your body is feeling it needs will become more pronounced during your Tai Chi class and if your body is screaming at you to rest, no matter what you want in your mind, the fight between the two is just gonna make you feel what you need of the feel of what you want.

Tai Chi is amazing for recovery from strenuous gym days, but you have actually have a functional understanding for it’s internal energy flow and it’s feeling, before you can apply it as a recovery for both body and mind.

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