Everything in life is always changing.  If it wasn’t you’d be dead.

Life is about evolving, shifting, changing, flowing, discovering, creating, living and loving.  It is not perfect, perfection does not exist in nature.  The perfection of life and living is the discovery of all of life’s imperfections.  Imperfections are what help us strive to always getting it just right and when we get it just right, it is the desire to get it just right, again, that drives us to achieve that just right feeling in our new moment.

Nothing is ever the same and that’s what makes everything beautifully unique.

Going with the flow is the natural way, it is nature’s way.  It is the Tai Chi philosophy I was raised with, without ever truly knowing or understanding what Tai Chi was as a child.  I am so much more intrigued as an adult, at how deeply it has influenced me and still influences and impacts my vision on life, people and living day to day.

I love people that help make my energy flow.  People are Tai Chi too.  Each and every single one.  Some are medicine.  Some are cures.  Some are poison. Some are phony. All are beautifully flawed in the most perfect ways.  People are unique languages, each speak differently to us and each impact us in unique ways.  It’s how you flow with those you meet and sometimes the right kind of flow is to flow away too.

Everyone is their own kind of Tai Chi and it is your own Tai Chi ability that either creates a flow or energy blockage when you meet these different people.  Don’t feel bad for flowing away from people either, it’s natural and you should never discount your gut instinct when it needs to change directions, even the ocean “ebbs and flows” as the tides change.  Always listen to your nature, you will never lie to you.


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